Who is TV Host Rebecca Grant’s Boyfriend?

Rebecca Grant

Meet the “Queen of the L.A Clippers” Rebecca Grant! The self-proclaimed “NFL hostess” captured the attention of men across America with her piercing blue eyes.

So we thought you would like to know more about her, at least we do! What you will find hard to believe is this beautiful woman, is actually in her 40’s! Yep! According to online sources she was born December 11, 1968! Doesn’t she look spectacular!

According to a bio found on her website, she is a multi-talented actress/model/on-air host, and a college graduate.  Her career has spanned from guest roles on network primetime TV shows; to Professional sports  casting for NFL, ESPN and FOX Sports. The youngest of five girls, she hails from Buffalo, New York. She is a is a graduate of the University of New York at Buffalo with a joint major in psychology and a minor in communication.

She broke into the entertainment world as a host and correspondent for The Buffalo Bills NFL Show. Her work grabbed the attention of ESPN, who cast her as a feature reporter for the U.S. Men’s Pro Ski Tour. The next step was of course moving to Hollywood where she worked alongside Greg Proops as a host of FOX Sports World.  Soon she became the face of the Game Show Network cult-classic Throut and Neck.

As a model, Rebecca has appeared in major print and TV ad campaigns for companies like Budweiser, Coors and Keystone. Grant has also dabbed into the fashion business, designing her own line of dresses and swimsuits.

That’s on the professional side but what about what we are dying to know, her status! Is she single, dating, married with children? We are not sure just yet but what we can tell you is that she enjoys whatever romantic status she is in! We found some of her pictures and she certainly has been snapped with the regular John Doe’s and some celebrities, which do you think is her type?




The gorgeous model also find the time to do some charity, Rebecca has become an advocate for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation and also participated in charities for Universal Love Foundation, which helps single parents survive, while still keeping the family together.

I seems like she has it all, Brains, Beauty and a “Passion” for men’s favorite sport but does she have that special someone?



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