Yelena Noah – NBA Star Joakim Noah’s Hot Sister

Yelena Noah Joakim Noah Sister pic

Meet stunner 27-year-old model Yelena Noah! You have to hear about this girls family, talent in sport and good looks go hand by hand for them! Yelena was born in 1986, she is the daughter of a former Miss Sweden, Cecilia Rhode who is now sculptor; and her father is former professional player turned singer, French Yannick Noah!

Yelena Noah  Joakim Noah’s Hot Sister

In case her last name sounds familiar to you, yes, she is the little sister of NBA Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah. Yelena and Joakim are their father’s children from his first marriage to Rhode. And since her father has been married two more times she has three other siblings. Her sisters from his father’s second marriage to British model Heather Stewart-Whyte are Elijah who was born in 1996 and Jénayé born in 1997. She also has one more brother from her father’s third wife-French TV producer Isabelle Camus-son, Joalukas, born in 2004.

Yelena who is already famous in the fashion world for her modeling was spotted at her bro’s NBA game a couple of years ago and soon speculation about her identity began! And also their handshake went viral what she describes as

I thought it was all kind of hilarious, actually. It’s just me and my brother being us.”

According to her Facebook she is part of the AUP (American University of Paris) network. She speaks both English and French since she grew up and was raised in both France and the Big Apple, and has lived in Brooklyn, NYC.

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According to a recent publication by the New York Post she currently resides in a “bohemian” loft located in an “ungentrified” section of Williamsburg. The leggy brunette who rather a low key profile lives with her Brazilian boyfriend, Carlos De Rosa who is a bartender. She says she enjoys her privacy and lives a relatively quiet existence.

Listen what she says about her style

“The two most valuable fashion lessons my mom taught me are to wear what you like — not what’s in — and that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great clothes,

What do you think? Great advice huh! Yelena is also a jewelry designer, she makes for her brother unique necklaces. She has graced the covers of several magazines like French Cosmopolitan, Gala along with her father and most recently Sports Style.

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You can find her on Facebook here.


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