Anthony Bonomo wife Mary Ellen Bonomo

Maryellen Bonomo

Meet Maryellen Bonomo; she is the wife of Abrhony Bonomo, owner of  Always Dreaming, the thoroughbred racehorse who won the 2017 Kentucky Derby.

As a matter of fact, Maryellen who grew up surrounded by horses, the one responsible for naming Always Dreaming.

“My wife picks out most of the names,” he explains. “I wasn’t about to say anything. When she comes up with the idea, that’s it.”

“We are always dreaming,“ she said. “That is what we do every day.”

Mrs. Bonomo was born on May 5, 1960.  She wanted to own a horse, therefore asked her to buy one in 2005, the following year.

“The reason I’m involved is because of her,” Bonomo says. “She said, ‘I’d love to own a horse.’ You know, when you love somebody you do what they ask. So, we went into horse racing and we’ve been very fortunate.”

Maryellen and Anthony Bonomo have three children together; Anthony, Jr., Julianne and Jaclyn.

Speaking of Anthony Jr. he is an assistant of their horse racing business, he waS who spotted Always Dreaming and talked his dad into buying it.


Anthony Jr. fell in love with the horse the instant he spotted him at Keeneland’s September [yearling] sale. I will never forget his excitement when he called me and said, “Dad, this horse is gorgeous. You’ve got to buy this horse.”

I told him he could bid up to $250,000 — that was my limit. I headed into a meeting and did not think much more about it.

When the meeting ended, I saw a text that read, “Congratulations! You bought that horse.” The price was $350,000. As you might imagine, I was a bit upset when I called my son.