Ashley Massaro’s Ex-Boyfriend Austin Fierstadt

Austin Fierstadt

Meet Austin Fierstadt; a former boxer and ex-boyfriend of former WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro. Austin is the father of Massaro’s only child Alexa.

40-year-old Austin Fierstadt aka Cell King was born on July 3,  1978, in Melville, New York.  He graduated from Ohio State University in 2000.
Nowadays, Austin is the owner of Carla’s Occasions and Wireless Communications, the latter is a store in West Old Country Road, that was broken into more than four times in several years.
The last robbery reported in 2015, made it to the news. Prior to Wireless and Carla’s Austin
owned Fuel Cafe.
Furthermore, Mr. Fierstadt and Ashley Massaro welcomed their beautiful daughter Alexa on July 23, 2000; at the time she was still wrestling but asked for an early release from her contract after Alexa got sick.
It is unknown why or when Austin Fierstadt and Ashley split up; he married Angela Bonomo on October 20, 2007, they have a beautiful daughter