Athlete Wealth: Exposing the Luxurious Lives of Sports Legends

Being rich and famous may come with its cons but it definitely comes with several perks. One such perk is the chance to not only have an eye for good things but also to be able to afford them. Some spend their money on supercars, private jets, luxury yachts, playing slots real money, etc, while others donate theirs to charity. 

Whichever the case may be, it definitely feels nice to be able to afford the life you once dreamed of and even more. Let’s take a look at some legendary athletes who engage in the best of luxuries. 


Michael Jordan 

Although retired, Michael Jordan was a professional basketball player who started off as a small-town player and then shot to fame to arguably become the face of basketball worldwide. Due to this fame, Jordan also became the face of brands, with several companies signing him for deals, endorsements, and as an ambassador. He became a billionaire this way and since then, Jordan has never spared his money when it comes to luxury. 

The NBA legend has a ridiculously expensive mansion worth an estimated $12.4 million. The mansion boasts 18 structures, a lavish sports complex, and a garage garnished with an assortment of cars. All in all, Michael Jordan is the richest athlete on record and his assets are proof enough of that. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also famously called CR7 is a very talented player who has sealed his name among the Athletic Hall of Legends. And with this success as a footballer came exceeding wealth amassing over $450 million. As such, CR7 is no stranger to luxury as can be seen in the way he spends. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is one to show off his latest supercars or designer watches on the Gram. Among his supercar collection are a Lamborghini Aventador, a Bugatti Veyron, and two Ferraris. When he is not showing these off, fans can expect to catch him at the best resorts in the world money can afford, where he relaxes and takes time off for himself. 

Floyd Mayweather 

Floyd Mayweather is goated not only when it comes to boxing but also he is undefeated when it comes to the extravagant lifestyle. With his net worth estimated at almost $1 billion, Mayweather flaunts his money in various ways. 

He owns a private jet, which is a luxurious addition to his other means of transportation: his supercar collection. On several occasions, you will find Mayweather aboard his luxury yachts. He also enjoys having a good time as a high roller while gambling. 


Although from a humble background, Neymar developed a taste for luxury after becoming a football superstar. First, his garage is home to a Porsche Panamera Turbo worth $400 – $550,000. Even at that, he has a yacht worth $8 million to his name. 

Furthermore, beyond spending on himself, Neymar is one to give back to the streets where he’s from. He’s a well-known philanthropist who donates huge amounts to causes like sanitization, education, and health in general. 

Ronnie O’Sullivan 

While snooker might not be a sports event as popular as football and the like, it is still a great way to generate a huge income, especially as a legend. For instance, take a look into the life of Ronnie O’Sullivan. He is one of the wealthiest in the game and has a lifestyle that reflects his riches. 

Ronnie spends his money in his own unique way, and this may be considered different from most. A day in particular, Ronnie made a spontaneous purchase of a 60-foot barge. This ended up back on the market as he soon realized the import of it all; but oh well, that’s nothing if you have more than enough money, right? 

Lewis Hamilton 

It’s no news that Formula One drivers are some of the richest athletes in the sports industry, and Lewis Hamilton – a seven-time champion – is proof of that. Hamilton’s net worth sits comfortably at an impressive $285 million. 

With his love for fashion and the good life, it is no wonder thus that his wardrobe is filled with bold designer labels. Also, he complements these with an array of diamond watches and other luxury accessories. After all is said and worn, he completes his luxurious lifestyle with either his private jet or any of his supercars.  

Conor McGregor 

Whether you’re a fan of UFC or not, you must have heard the name Conor McGregor at some point. He is a big superstar in every possible meaning of the word including finances and lifestyle. Making his money not only as a UFC fighter but also from endorsements, McGregor is not one to back down when it comes to spending. 

His taste for luxury is reflected in his taste in cars, clothes, and partying. He has a Lamborghini Aventador a Huracan to boast of and a luxury yacht. In addition, it is said that McGregor once spent over $100,000 at a party after his fight against Mayweather, so his love for parties is not in question. 

Wrap Up 

Luxury is a term most athletes are well familiar with but only a handful indulge themselves in the best of luxuries. The above list proves that even the best athletes are not immune to the lure of a good life. 


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