Get to Know Seattle Seahawks’ Devon Witherspoon

In the vibrant world of the NFL, where talent and passion collide on the grand stages of American football, a new star- Devon Witherspoon- emerges, ready to leave a lasting imprint on the Seattle Seahawks’ legacy.

From humble beginnings to ascension in the college ranks, Witherspoon’s story is about determination, resilience, and unmatched athleticism. 

Below, we peel back the layers of this rising talent, exploring his incredible journey, on-field prowess, and indomitable spirit that make him a player to watch this season. Join us as we get to know Devon Witherspoon, the man behind the jersey, what he brings to the Seahawks and the heart-pounding action of the NFL.

Early Beginnings

Few names have risen as rapidly in college football as Devon Witherspoon. Born into a family with a profound passion for sports, Devon’s early beginnings set the tone for a future filled with accomplishments and accolades. 

Growing up in a modest neighborhood, he quickly learned the value of hard work, resilience, and dedication—values that would later define his career.

From an early age, Devon showcased exceptional talent in football, coupled with an unwavering work ethic. Spectacular performances marked his high school years, as he led his team to numerous victories and earned several local and state-level recognitions. 

However, not only did his on-field prowess catch the attention of scouts and coaches across the country, but also his leadership qualities and ability to inspire his teammates to strive for excellence.

Despite facing challenges, including limited resources and exposure, Devon never allowed his circumstances to dim his aspirations. His relentless pursuit of his dreams, supported by his family, coaches, and community, paved the way for his recruitment to a prestigious college football program. 

It was here that Devon Witherspoon began to make a name for himself on a national stage, showcasing his incredible athleticism, skill, strategic thinking, and game intelligence.

Devon’s early beginnings are a testament to the fact that anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness with talent, perseverance, and the right support system. As he continues to build his legacy in the fast-paced world of college football, Devon inspires aspiring athletes everywhere.

College Football Days

Despite the not-so-good numbers of the Seattle Seahawks betting lines this 2024 on Fanduel.com, Devon Witherspoon boasts a fruitful College Football days. That said, it’s vital that we take a look down memory lane and visit the highlights of Devon Witherspoon’s College Football experience. 

In 2019, Witherspoon stood out as the only true freshman to secure a starting position in the defense lineup for the Illinois Fighting Illini. He participated in all-season games and recorded 33 tackles. His performance remained strong into his sophomore year, maintaining 33 tackles alongside two interceptions to his record. 

During his junior year in 2021, he not only played but also started 10 games, improving his tally to 52 tackles and earning his first sack. By his senior year in 2022, Witherspoon had become a key player for Illinois, leading the Big Ten Conference in passes defended. 

Notably recognized for his confidence and verbal prowess on the field, he was often cited as the most vocal player by his teammates, a trait Witherspoon himself embraced as essential to his identity. 

His exceptional senior year performances led him to be a finalist for the prestigious Jim Thorpe Award, signifying the nation’s top defensive back, and he was honored as the 2022 Tatum–Woodson Defensive Back of the Year for the Big Ten Conference, further cementing his place as a consensus All-American by the end of the season.

Stepping into the NFL

In April 2023, the Seahawks selected Devon Witherspoon, an Illinois cornerback, with the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft. 

Since being selected as Seattle’s inaugural choice last spring, Witherspoon has shone in his first 12 appearances, adeptly shifting between an outside and nickel cornerback. With 16 pass breakups, he leads all rookie defenders and is tied for third in the last quarter of 2023. 

Additionally, Witherspoon has compiled 65 tackles, one interception (which he returned for a 97-yard score), four tackles behind the line, 3.0 sacks, and a forced fumble. With a 6-7 record, the Seahawks are gearing up for a critical encounter against the 10-3 Eagles at Lumen Field in December last year, a match pivotal for Seattle’s playoff aspirations. 

Witherspoon’s participation is in doubt due to a hip injury. Still, his presence could turn the game into a battleground for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award, especially against Jalen Carter, the ninth overall pick from Philadelphia. 

Henderson also discusses the decision-making process Seattle underwent pre-draft in selecting the player that best aligns with their defensive strategy for 2023.


Devon Witherspoon is not just a player but a testament to hard work, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The Seattle Seahawks undoubtedly found a treasure in him, and as he continues to develop and refine his skills, the NFL world can only expect even greater feats. It’s clear that Witherspoon is not just making plays; he’s making history.


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