The Most Famous WAGs in Vegas

When it comes to marrying a professional sports player, some locations are better for than the job than others. For example, though the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL and have quite a few notable WAGs, the city itself might not be the first pick for many women. 

A city like Las Vegas, on the other hand, spares no experience for its WAGs. While Vegas has all the finer trappings of any metropolis and even stunning desert excursions in every direction, it also has one other huge luxury: casinos and sportsbooks. The latter, in particular, is highly unique. 

Today, bettors around the country can back their favorite teams with sportsbooks like Caesars Entertainment straight from a mobile device. But only Vegas residents have the option of heading to the in-person sportsbooks from Caesars and similar brands. Along with other things, like world-class musical residences and mind-bending performances, there’s no better place to be a WAG. 

But which are the most famous wives and girlfriends of sports personalities that call this city home?

Allison Kucharczyk, Las Vegas Raiders Wife

Before Isaac Rochell was cut by the Raiders recently, his wife Allison Kucharczyk was one of the most visible and beloved WAGs in the city. Kucharczyk is known for her trendy TikTok videos, which showcase her lifestyle as a WAG and other personal themes that the couple is comfortable sharing.

Veronique Fleury, Vegas Golden Knights Wife

Veronique is the other half of the Las Vegas Knights’ most elite player: Marc-Andre Fleury. Though he’s no longer on the Vegas roster, having moved on to Minnesota, he and Veronique were one of the hottest couples in Vegas during his time with the Knights. He was also the goalie during the team’s record-breaking, first-season Stanley Cup win.

The Vegas Love Story: Kelsey Plum & Darren Waller

Not all WAG stories based in Vegas feature average couples. Kelsey Plum has been one of the top players on the multi-championship-winning WNBA Vegas Aces squad. That same year, Darren Waller signed with the Las Vegas Raiders. The pair met shortly after and began a relationship, then went on to tie the knot last year. 

Unfortunately for the young couple, the Raiders’ head coach Josh McDaniels accidentally let slip that the pair were married last spring… only days after announcing that he had traded Waller to the New York Giants. For almost a year, Vegas’s powerhouse couple has been separated by hundreds of miles.


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