Ayrin Mason Friend of Ezekiel Elliott’s GF Asked to lie

Ayrin Mason

Ayrin Mason has been identified as a close friend of Tiffany Thompson –Ezekiel Elliot’s former girlfriend and physical abuse accuser.

You might be wondering how is all that going. Latest reports could infuriate Ayrin’s friend. Let’s just say things are not going her way this time.

Accoridng to an Official news release from Columbus, Ohio. –where Tiffany Thompson filed her complaint, the prosecutor division declined to approve criminal charges for the Dallas Cowboys running back.

The lengthy release states an investigation by the city prosecutor’s office in Columbus, Ohio; was conducted. However, ‘due to conflicting and inconsistent information’ was not sufficient to the filing of the criminal charges.

The ‘inconsistent information’ part might have to do directly with Ayrin Mason. A sworn statement by Mason states she was with Thompson during the early morning hours of July 22. That was the day Thompson called the police to report that Elliott had just assaulted her.


Back In July, Tiffany Thompson filed a report with the Columbus Police Department saying Elliott had assaulted her in five separate occasions. One of them, while she was in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle. Per TMZ Sports, four witnesses told officers they did not see an assault.


In Mason’s affidavit, she clearly says it was another female who attacked Tiffany in the early hours of July 22. She states the two of them attended the social room and when they both were in their way to their vehicle, another female proceeded to physically attack Tiffany.

After the fight, Ayrin and Tiffany drove to Elliott’s apartment to attend a gathering. While waiting in their car, Ezekiel pulled up. According to Ayrin Mason, Tiffany went nuts and started screaming at Elliot because another female was driving his car. Most importantly Mason says, at any moment Ezekiel touched Tiffany.

Ayrin also adds, Tiffany sent her a text saying to tell the police it was Ezekiel who had assaulted her.

21-year-old Ayrin Mason currently attends The Ohio State University. According to her Facebook page, she attended Solon High School. Online info say she is Healthcare Administration major with a pre-med track. Ayrin who has worked as a babysitter in the past, stated on sittercity.com she wants to be a plastic surgeon.

Ezekiel might want to send her some flowers?

You can check her out on Instagram here.


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