Barstool Dave Portnoy’s Wife Renee Satherthwaite

Renee Satherthwaite

Renee Satterthwaite aka Renee Portnoy; she is the wife of  Dave Portnoy, blogger, founder of Barstool Sports and the host of One Bite with Davey Pageviews. Renee and dave are no longer together, but they are still married.

36-year-old Renee Satherthwaite now Renee Portnoy was born May 5, 1983, in Abington, Massachusetts. She is the daughter born to Sheryl and Dennis Satherwaite, ages 64 and 66, respectively.

Renee apparently has one sister, Lauren Satterthwaite, a registered nurse at San Francisco General Hospital. Her momma, is also a nurse.

Mrs. Portnoy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business relations from Boson University; she was the Director of Merchandising at SmartPak.

Renee and Dave Portnoy tied the knot in 2009, a year after they announced their engagement. They never had children and in January 2017, Portnoy announced he and Renee had separated; the announcement came months after he was seen with very intimate with another woman.

Furthermore, after the split, Dave said he was dating Jordyn Hamilton; Renee lives in Nantucket, she still goes by Renee Portnoy.