Who is Barstool’ Dan Katz’s Wife/Girlfriend?

Dan Katz

Dan Katz a blogger also known as ‘Big Cat’ for Barstool Sports is one half of the podcast crew ‘Pardon My Take.’

Katz, born Daniel Katz has been a sensation, along with anonymous PFT commenter –following the success of the sports/comedy podcast. Since its release in early March 2016, the podcast has hovered in the top five sports podcasts in iTunes.

Katz describes himself as a regular guy that happened to become a prominent Internet personality, you just need to look at his following to realize, it’s a fact. He has become extremely popular on social media with more than 400,000 followers just on Twitter.

Dan Katz was born January 30, 1985 and hails all the way from Chicago. He is employed by Barstool Sports president, Dave Portnoy.

While Dan’s podcast partner makes outrageously ludicrous takes, Dan has always been the more measured, less inflammatory version of the dynamic duo. Most recently, Katz and PFT will soon make their debut on ESPN –after the network partnered with Barstool Sports to launch a late-night sports show, Barstool Van Talk. Katz and PFT will debut on ESPN2.

It all sounds good and dandy for Dan Katz but life can never be perfect. It goes to show after Katz was recently accused by ESPN personality Sam Ponder, ahead of his ESPN debut. Ponder was the focus of an offensive article back in 2014. She reminded him of the post with a tweet attaching a screenshot of it.

The article was written by Feitelberg and Barstool founder Dave Portnoy — not Katz. And while Katz quickly responded that he did not write the post, Ponder still had issue with Barstool as a whole and contended that Katz had made past offensive statements about her.

Barstool Sports has navigated a sports media landscape with some content that has been criticized for its unabashed misogyny.

Will this issues make Dan Katz seem like a misogynist himself? Does it affect his image with the ladies? The fella appears to be single at the moment.