Britanie Girard – JR Smith’s Girlfriend

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This couple who is going strong for two years now sure deserves each other, they are no strangers to ink, that’s for sure. Britanie is a model, a video music star and a tattoo artist from California and she’s definitely got that Cali swag. Britanie may look tough, but she’s also got a soft side very deep inside though, she got her first tattoo at age 18 and was of a lady bug in honor of her uncle who passed away.

Britanie can’t even give a count of how many tats she has now, she achieved the “full body suit” and is kind of hard to see what’s beneath don’t you think! Girard has a profile in model mayhem in which she says

I know because of my artwork i am in a small category of the industry, but i believe my personality will shine no matter what work i pursue.

Well at least she is aware of it right! Britanie Girard started dating the baller back in 2011 when he was playing for the Denver Nuggets. But last year while her man was working with the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association)-FYI-her soft side went south when she was actually banned from his games!!! Fans and team officials have labeled her as a “menace” and a “ton of bricks” Ouch! They were clearly not amused with her behavior and certainly not ready for her antics.



Britanie was born October 20, 1982 in Norwalk C.A; her wide list of jobs have included, tattoo artist, bartender, manager, body piercer, model and Company CEO. It wouldn’t be a big surprise to assume she met the NBA star while getting a tattoo!

Her Webiste says about her:

alotta people know me by a lot of different names… but thats the one i use…. im just here living life and allowing ppl to live it with me… its been a long journey but im finally here… to share myself with the world. Just recently got my company off the ground Deeper than ink a lifestyle brand geared towards expression, self love, self acceptance and understanding. You dont always have to fit the mold inorder to make it in life.. sometimes you have to make the mold fit you & make your choices guide your success!

The ultimate urban gal she is 5′ 9″, weights 140 lbs, bust 34, cup B, waist 27”, hips 30” dress size 4 and shoes 9. Believe it or not she loves cartoon movies and her favorite show is “The Big Band Theory” and did I mention she has over 300 tats! I wonder how many tattoos we get if we combine both of them??

You can find her on Facebook here.


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