Charlie Whiting’s Wife Juliette Whiting

Juliette Whiting

Meet Juliette Whiting; she is the loving and caring wife of Formula One’s long-time race director Charlie Whiting, who died suddenly on March 14, 2019, from a pulmonary embolism. He was 66.

He was found in his Melbourne hotel room, three days before the 2010 Formula One Season started.  Aussie Michael Masi will replace him.

Mr. Whiting leaves behind his beautiful wife Juliette Whiting, mother of his two children; 10-year-old son Justing and seven-year-old Charlotte.

Juliette also from Australia studied at Ryde High School in Sydney; moreover, she co-founded Belt up Baby, the infant restraint system, which she created alongside close friend Sharon Cave. Prior to marrying Charlie, Juliet worked for 13 years in the cabin crew for a major airline.