Dorys Madden Is NBA Legend The Doctor Julius Erving’s Wife

Dorys Madden Erving Julius Erving Dr J wife




Meet Dorys Madden she is the second, very young and extremely beautiful wife of Julius Erving aka The Doc, Dr.  J or the Doctor, who as we all known is one of the best basketball players in the NBA, is about the Doctor’s life  that the NBA TV documentary, The Doctor, which debuts Monday night at 9 p.m. Eastern,  will tell the story of the life of this amazing NBA legend; but we are all about his personal life, wives, affairs, children and so much more.Dorys Madden Erving Julius Erving wife picture


Before we get started with Julius Erving’s pretty young wife Dorys Madden ,we are going to tell you about his first wife Turquoise Erving.

Turquoise Erving Julius Erving ex wife picPinTurquoise Irving Julius Irving first wife


63-year-old Turquoise A. Brown Erving got married to the famous NBA player  on February 10, 1974, they had four children together Cheo S. Erving born on November 22, 1972, then 39-year-old Julius W III, 36-year-old Jazmin Antiqua and Cory Marvin Erving born in 1981 who drowned inside his car on July, 2000. He was 19.

Julius Erving first wife Turquoise Brown Erving childrenPinCory Erving Julius Erving son pic

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Jazmin played basketball while she attended Episcopal Academy, she then went to Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business, she worked at Smith Global Management, NexCen Brands, Inc. and is currently owner at Jaeed Executive Development, She got married to Adedapo Myles George on October 7, 2006, lived in California with their beautiful children.

Julius Erving daughter JazminPinJazmin Erving Turquoise Erving

PinJazmin Erving Julius Erving daughterPin

Cheo Erving lives in Atlanta with his wife and children and Julius III lives in Pennsylvania with his family.

While married to Turquoise Dr. J became romantically involved with Samantha Stevenson a sports journalist with whom he had one child, tennis player Alexandra Stevenson, 32, who met him until she was 27, their meeting was documented by ESPN’s Reaching Out. Samantha Stevenson met Julius in the 70’s their  affair began in 1979

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PinJulius Erving daughter Alexandra Stevenson picsJulius Erving daughter Alexandra Stevenson
Samantha Stevenson Julius Erving Sports JournalistPinSamantha Stevenson Alexandra Stevenson Erving
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Julius and Turquoise got divorce in 2003, according  to media he was still married when he  started an affair with Dorys Madden. Dorys Madden Erving Julius Erving wife pics


Finally here comes Dorys Madden, 43, born Dorys L. Ramirez on October 17, 1969 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras her family and friend called her Chapulin which is the name given to a kind of cricket.

Dorys Madden Erving Julius Erving wife picturesPinDorys Madden Erving Julius Erving wife pic

PinDorys Madden Erving Julius Erving wife

Dorys Madden graduated in 1988 from  the Instituto Central Vicente Caceres (ICVC) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras became Dorys Erving when she got married to Julius Erving in 2008 with whom she has three children  son Jules, three years later she gave birth to another child Justin and then to their youngest Julietta. She is the owner of American Royalty in Atlanta, Georgia. Before Dorys Erving moved to Georgia she lived in Florida where she worked as a  Retail Tobacco Products Dealer.

 Dorys Madden Erving Julius Erving Dr J wedding

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Dr. J and Dorys Erving renewed their wedding vows in October, 2012 in Las Vegas.   Find Dr. J’s Wife Dorys L. Madden or Dorys Erving on Facebook here and follow her on Twitter here.