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Meet Alyssa Nelson

Alyssa Nelson is the latest gal to become an internet sensation after her smoking good looks sent users into frenzy. Reports say, hot Alyssa Nelson was seated courtside when she celebrated a Goran Dragic basket, revealing her little black dress!

Alyssa Nelson is not exactly famous but her name is definitely out there after her happy cheer during Tuesady night’s game left little to the imagination of people about her body.

Alyssa not only is an NBA fan, her social media page shows she’s also a big fan of hockey. In fact, is actually not the first time Alyssa Nelson makes headlines for her association to sports and her fantastic figure.

Accoridng to BustedCoverage, back in 2014 she was caught screaming at a Minnesota Wild’s player Charlie Coyle, during Game 6 against Colorado, a 5-2 Minnesota win. The Wild won, but the big story was that Nelson held onto her beer while yelling for Charlie to whoop some ass. The blonde can be hard in the footage saying exactly that: “Whoop his ass Charlie.”

At the time she was dubbed the “lady in pink.” Alyssa who was interviewed said she was a huge fan, that didn’t miss a game, she said about her ‘passionate support’

“You know, I am a little superstitious, but I don’t wanna take any credit for it. It was obviously all the team,” Nelson said. “I mean, maybe I was good luck, maybe we’ll find out. But I’ll be definitely wearing pink at the next home game.”

It was obvious Alyssa Nelson was a Miami Heat fan during Tuesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers. Alyssa Nelson must have been very happy about the outcome which ended in the home team beating the Pacers by eight.


Accoridng to her Facebook page, Alyssa Nelson is originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Meaning she could have moved to Miami or is perhaps visiting. The buxom blonde has already amassed 17.8K followers on Instagram alone. She is very active on social media, often posting revealing images of herself.

Alyssa Nelson boasts a great figure. Her fit curves, mesmerizing eyes and blonde locks, definitely make her model material.


When the blonde is not enjoying her favorite sports, the Minnesota native seems to have great fun in the outdoors. She has several images holding a baby but sets the record straight saying the baby in her pics is not her kid. She also seems to be a big cat and dog lover.

You can find Alyssa Nelson on Twitter here, Instagram here, Facebook here.


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