Is Kimberlee Myers Auburn Peyton Barber’s Girlfriend

Kimberlee Myers

Meet Kimberlee Myers, this beautiful WAG could possibly be the girlfriend of Peyton Barber the running back with the Auburn Tigers who declared to the NFL Draft to help his mother Lori who is homeless. We are pretty sure Barber’s GF Kimberlee if she is fact his girl must feel pretty proud of her man.

Peyton Barber talked to media about his decision..

“My mother is homeless right now,” Barber said, per Goodbread. “Right now she’s staying with her sister. It’s her and her three kids staying in an apartment back home.”

“This isn’t her first (struggle). It’s nothing new,” Barber said, per Goodbread. “It’s just a little bump in the road for us. We’ll overcome it.”

His father Ken Barber, has a different opinion about Lori Barber’s homeless status.

“This is not a decision cause he has to support family,” Ken Barber said. “He’s eating well, doesn’t have to worry about his clothes or staying warm at night.”

“(Lori) She has faced her own challenges,” Ken Barber said. “Everybody has done a number of things to try and help her, but she isn’t suffering for anything. Her and my daughter chose to live together,” Ken Barber said. “She’s not homeless.”

 “This was not done to take care of his mom,” Ken Barber said. “I want to make this totally clear. His mom isn’t down and out. He doesn’t have to take care of his family. It’s been totally misunderstood.” 


Kimberlee Myers’s boyfriend Peyton Barber was born on June 7, to Ken Barber and Lori Barber (nee. Thomas), Peyton has one older sister, Jade Ceimode Barber, 27.Peyton’ds parents divorced 18 years ago, Mr. Barber is now married to his second wife Lisa, mother of his three younger kids.

Peyton who was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia graduated from Milton High School in 2013. He first committed to  Ole Miss at the University of Mississippi before changing his mind and went to Auburn University. He rushed who rushed for 1,017 yards and 13 touchdowns his sophomore year.

Peyton Barber’s girlfriend Kimberlee Myers from Mesa, Arizona is the daughter of Kim Myers and Mary Ann Garcia-Myers who are also the proud parents of Kimberlee’s older brother Brett.

Ms. Myers graduated from Casa Grande Union High School and went to the University of Washington before transfering to Auburn University in 2014. Kimberlee Myers who is pursuing a major in Psychology is a star softball player.

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