Katharyn Francis Richt UM Coach Mark Richt’s Wife

Katharyn Francis Richt

Katharyn Francis Richt is the beautiful, brave and loving wife of Mark Richt who was introduced as the new head coach of the University of Miami, his  alma mater. Coach Richt once a quarterback at the University of Miami was offensive ordinator for over 14 years at the University of Florida another 14 years as head coach at the University of Georgia. I am sure wife Kathryn Francis Richt’s story is just as interesting, would you like to read it?



Katharyn Francis or Katharyn Richt if you prefer met her husband on a blind date, at that time her roommate was dating Mark’s roommate and it was she who set them up, certainly they joined them. Mark was a graduate assistant on the coaching staff at UM and Katharyn was attended FSU.

The date went well, no sparks flying thought, but they enjoyed each other’s company and started a friendship that soon flourished into something more. By March 14, 1987 they were married in Leon, Florida.

Katharyn Richt welcomed son Jonathan on March 11, 1990; then came David born on December 1st, 1994. Two more blessings came to the family in 1999 when they adopted Zach born on February 13, 1997 and Anya born on February 13, 1997, from Ukraine. Anya was born  a rare congenital disorder that causes skin overgrowth, this disorder is known as Wiedemann syndrome  and Proteus Syndrome.

Their eldest son Jonathan a former quarterback at Clemson and Mars Hill College and part of the UGA coaching staff, remarried high school sweetheart Anna, who gave birth to their daughter Jadyn Elise  in July, 2014.

David Richt played football for a while, but he also became fascinated with music, David who has released 2 Christian albums, Drawing Lines and Heaven. He studied music at Belmont University. Zach and Anya Richt are student at Prince Avenue Christian school.

Katharyn Rich was born Katharyn Francis in January, 1950. Katharyn graduated with  an economics degree from FSU in 1987. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April, 2006, she underwent a successful surgery by the end of that month and because she was diagnosed early she was told her cancer had not spread and a fully recovery was expected.