Kim Sears- Tennis Player Andy Murray’s Girlfriend

Kim Sears Andy MurrayPin

Let me tell you about Kim Sears! She is the gorgeous 25-year-old girlfriend to the man hoping to get further progress at Wimbledon, British tennis player Andy Murray. The couple has been in a long time relationship of nearly eight years! That is just one of the comparisons drawn between Sears and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge! But not only the long courtships make parallels seem hard to see between them but also Kim’s glossy locks and penchant for fashion!

Sussex born and bred Kim  has a degree in English Literature but studied art all the way through school, she says:

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t turn to either paints or pencils as a means of release


She has plans of writing a novel someday but currently works as an artists capturing her favorite, animals in canvas. This is her passion, she absolutely adores animals, specially dogs and her goal is always to produce a painting that can capture the emotive relationship pets have with their owners.

Kim is the proud owner of two Border Terriers Maggie (Mayhem) and Rusty (Rascal); the countryside and her two dogs make the perfect inspiration to her favorite subject matter that continues to be of the four legged variety- wet nose and wagging tail. Here we can see some of her paintings:

kim sears portfolioPinkim sears portfolio2Pinkim sears portfolio3Pin

Kim has plenty of hobbies and interests, that include tea, lots of chocolate biscuits and Classic FM. But this fashionable young artist is passionate about something else as well; her relationship to Murray. Throughout their seven year courtship, Kim has always been spotted at Andy’s side, cheering him on as he battles to get to the top of his game.


A country music lover; stunning Sears, has been voted the tennis WAG with the best hairstyle, she also has an impeccable sense of style even when going for a simple power walk with her man. No doubt she is unconditional to Andy, through the ups and downs of his career.

She occasionally writes on her blog that you can visit here, you can also visit her website “Brushes and paws” here and see a wide variety of her portfolio.

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if Kim’s boyfriend won Wimbledon and pop the question to her all in the same year???