Meet Sean Doolittle’s Wife Eireann Dolan

Eireann Dolan

Meet Sean Doolittle’s pretty wife Eireann Dolan! She is a former CSN California broadcaster and writer, her hubby is the catcher for the Washington Nationals; together they have been helping others throughout an array of charities, like her 2015 Thanksgiving dinner for Syrian refugee families, LGBT advocacy efforts; her out of this world article about Mental health resources for veterans published on Sports Illustrated in 2017.

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Pretty Eireann graduated from the University of San Diego; studied pastoral studies at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education as well as religious studies and theology at L’ Institut Catholique de Paris.

She met her husband while working with former MLB pitcher Brandon McCarthy who introduced them in 2012. They dated for a couple of years before they tied the knot on October 2, 2017