Nicole Diehl – NFL David Diehl’s Wife

Giants Super Bowl lineman David Diehl who recently has been charged with drink driving after witnesses said that he was so drunk behind the wheel of his BMW on Sunday night that he could barely stand.

David Diehl is a happy father; Diehl and Nicole Tabeling get married on Feb. 18, 2006.

Both have a beautiful and fashion daughter. Addison Diehl is a champion in her own right. The daughter of Diehl and his wife Nikki is 5 years old and over the years has developed into a fashionista champion. Last year for the Super Bowl she wore a bedazzled #66 dress as she watched her dad play and win.  The dress was specially patterned in four different red, white and blue silk fabrics.  On top of the dress, Addison’s outfit had Giant’s colored arm warmers with thumb holes and matching knee high socks.

Addison, as the only child, is quite the true “up and coming” diva-fashionista.  She has the most vision and input on her fabulous game day gear. Her mom Nikki, lets her have a say in everything fashion.

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