Odette Lennon Ngum Suh- Ndamukong Suh’s Sister


The Detroit Lions features a key assessment next offseason: Either work out an agreement annex for Ndamukong Suh (Odette Lennon Ngum Suh’s brother) or let the All-Pro defensive undertake hit free agency in 2015.

The Lions locked themselves into the condition when they Suh to restructure his contract this offseason. By dropping his $12.15 million pay to $630,000 in 2013, the Lions pushed back $7.8 million in cap hits to 2014 and 2015.

Suh’s cap number for 2014 is now planned to be $21.41 million. In 2015, a voidable year in the agreement, the Lions are on the catch for a $9.74 million cap hit whether Suh is on the list or not.

Trading Suh, still next offseason, is fundamentally out of the question. His $11.55 million base pay (with the possible of $1.8 million in escalators) would be nearly unfeasible to move on its own, but the $19.48 million in dead cash solidifies the case against a possible deal.

Using the license tag in 2015 is also off the table. The 120 percent increase awarded by the description would need an irrational $25.7 million, one-year contract.

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew has by now stated there are no plans to work out an extension with Suh this offseason. The team’s current main concern is getting a long-term deal done with franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Mayhew declined to observe on whether he has talked to Suh about his long-term potential with the group, but Suh’s agent, Rosie Barnes, said his client welcomes working out a contract to continue in Detroit.

She said:

He’s open to that.

He likes it in Detroit. He wants to be the one to help bring a Super Bowl to Detroit. He wants to be here when they win the Super Bowl.

If the Lions do decide on to re-sign Suh, the last contract value should be attractive. The annual salary from his rookie contract paid him $12 million per year. The only other defensive tackle making that much annually is equal 2010 first-round draft pick Gerald McCoy.

Suh and McCoy’s deals run of the mill more than $2 million per season more than the next highest paid defensive tackle, Baltimore’s Haloti Ngata, who signed a five-year extension with the Ravens in 2011.  Suh’s average income is $3.55 million more than the 2013 franchise tag for the position.

It’s obvious Suh and McCoy, whose contract also expires after the 2014 season, will be setting the marketplace for defensive tackles for years to come.

His sister, Odette, is always encouraging him and is behind curtains on every decision he takes. Of course..she is the older sister!

Ngam lives in Detroit and is active in the Suh Foundation. Her brother’s contract runs out in 2.5 years. This caused sufficient hand-wringing in Detroit for it to come up. She usually tweets about what is going on in his career.

He said:

What my sister tweets is what she tweets.

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It has nothing to do with me. That’s her personal account. That’s why her name’s on it. I have my personal account that says verified, it says my name on it.

Ngum Suh-Odette Lennon image


I would love to be here. This city is great to me, it continues to be great to me. The people are great people, and I love playing here. That’s why I wear the jersey.

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Twitter has turned into the place to break news.  However, judge it or not, there are some authentic hotties that have Twitter handles.  One of the 10 Hottest Worthwhile Babes to Follow on Twitter is Odette Lennon Ngum Suh, or just Ngum Suh, is the older sister of a novel force in the D. A member of the Cameroon national soccer team and top notch promoter of the 2010 NFL Rookie of the Year – Ndamukong Suh.

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