Sydney Alex is Eagles LeSean McCoy's Girlfriend

Sydney Alex @CovergirlDRO LeSean McCoy girlfriend 2013 picPin

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy got himself in another girl drama, an anonymous woman known just as Mary Roe said Shady invited her and other 15 women to a party to get there they  were transported on a party bus where McCoy allegedly sprayed them with water, when she complained McCoy told his bodyguard to get her.

One of them or both struck her in the face and then forced her out the bus, however by the time police questioned her she had no visible injuries.

LeSean McCoy is no stranger to girl drama, last time it was his baby mama Stephanie who engaged on a nasty Twitter feud, Stephanie made fun of McCoy after he misspelled a word on Twitter, the tweeted got nastier and Stephanie not just accused of having herpes an a small pens, but insulted his current girlfriend Sidney Alex and accused of cheating on LeSean with his best friend.

Sydney Alex LeSean McCoy girlfriend 2013 picPin Sydney Alex LeSean McCoy girlfriendPin

Sydney Alex didn’t kept her mouth shut or should I say her fingers still, and she tweeted a few thingies to Stephanie @Angelface0330


You can continue to read the whole Twitter feud between these trio

Sydney Alex’ Twitter account @CovergirlDRO has been deleted, but luckily we can still her many photos alone or by her man’s side, we dunno if Sydney and LeSean are still dating