Vilsana Picolli: MMA Junior Dos Santos’ Ex wife

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UFC heavyweight knockout performer, mark Hunt has been giving his opinions on his big event fight with previous champ Junior Dos Santos. `s husband, put for shortly this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, predicting the heavy handed Brazilian will come across for the record approximately right away following his understanding of the influence he possesses.

But what about the Dos Santos -Piccozi couple? What do we know about these two? Dos Santos and Vilsana met when Cigano was working as a waiter at a restaurant in Bahia, the couple soon got married he was 18 and along Vilsana opened a toy store, but the profit was very poor, so he turned to MMA.

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For almost a decade Vilsana  his wife and manager has been a constant support for the famous Brazilian fighter so it was kind of a surprise to hear that Vilsana Picolli and Dos Santos decided to end their 10-year marriage, the announcement came just  after after his fight with Cain Velazquez , however there are some sources who said their marriage was already broken  by the time of the fight, while others said the couple were having a rough time and that affected Cigano”s performance against Cain.

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Although the two parties ended the relationship jointly and continue as close friends and Vilsana whose name sometimes is also spell Visana Piccozi and Vilsana Piccozi continues to be her ex–hubby”s manager, dos Santos was devastated by the twist of events. The previous champion believes that the divorce affected his performance against Velasquez.

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Just days gone revealing the news about his divorce, dos Santos released a declaration saying he would summon up the UFC heavyweight belt in 2013, and would try to come together with his ex-wife Vilsana.

Dos Santos and Piccozi released separate statements explaining that they would not be getting back together, but would remain friends and carry on their business association.

He said:

It”s a lie that I said that one of my goals in 2013 is to regain Vilsana because I didn”t lose her. Our relationship is eternal, she the most important person in my life, only we are not married anymore.

Vilsana added:

I would definitely put an end to current news about our relationship and our marriage. Junior and I have been married for 10 years. Many couples over 10 years cultivate quarrels, enmities. Others do not. We cultivated a friendship, a relationship without fights, where trust, respect and, above all, true love has always existed. We want the good of each other. Always was and will remain so. Together we make the decision not to continue been married. Marriage is a life stage and we are in another stage. Today I met Junior and more than anyone else. I am responsible for the entire administration of his career. That will not change, I will continue taking care of him, taking care of his career. We parted at the wedding, but we parted in life. We”ll be friends forever.

And they refer to the toy store they opened together while married, they had that store for over three years until it went out of business. They have a daughter and Vilsana still lives in Brazil with their daughter.

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In case you were wondering if Junior dos Santos has a new girlfriend after his split with Vilsana, the answer is no and don”t expect that to happened Cigano himself said that by 2013 he will get his belt and his wife back!

“I am coming off an unsatisfactory outcome in my last fight and now in 2013 I have to learn from the mistakes I”ve committed and move on to recover the world championship and become the champion again. Until the end of the year this is my goal,”

“I will be fighting again until the middle of the year, and in the end of the year, I will be with my belt and back with my wife. 2013 is gonna be my year,” he said.

Junior and Vilsana’s divorce was finalized in April, 2013, he is now dating Isadora Santos