Meet Justin Tucker’s Wife Amanda Bass Tucker


Amanda Bass Tucker This lovely gal is Amanda Bass Tucker; she is the beautiful wife of NFL player Justin Tucker, the talented placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens. Justin joined the Ravens in 2012, as an undrafted free agent. 6’1 Justin …

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Bradley Bozeman’s Wife Nikki Hegstetter Bozeman

Nikki Hegstetter

Nikki Hegstetter Bozeman Meet Nikki Hegstetter Bozeman; this stunning young lady is the lovely girlfriend of  Bradley Bozeman, the 6’5″ offensive lineman from the Baltimore Ravens, who played college football for the Alabama Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama. …

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Meet Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend Jaime Taylor

Jaime Taylor

Jaime Taylor Meet Jaime Taylor is the pretty girlfriend of NFL player Lamar Jackson; the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, 2016 Heisman Trophy, Maxwell and Walter Camp Award winner and former player at the University of Louisville. Lamar made …

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Gus Edwards’ Girlfriend Chelsey Goodman

Chelsey Goodwin

Chelsey Goodman Meet Chelsea Goodman; she is the girlfriend of NFL player Gus Edwards. Gus is a running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He played college football for the Rutgers and at the University of Miami. Edwards was born in …

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Mark Ingram’s Wife Chelsea (Diznee) Ingram

Amanda Bass Tucker 14 - Mark Ingram's Wife Chelsea (Diznee) Ingram

Chelsea Ingram Meet the lovely Chelsea Diznee aka Chelsea Ingram; she is the stunning wife of Mark Ingram Jr., the talented running back for the Baltimore Ravens. 5’9″ Ingram a Hackensack, NJ native also played college football at the University of Alabama, …

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PHOTOS: Joe Flacco’s Wife is Dana Grady Flacco

Amanda Bass Tucker 18 - PHOTOS: Joe Flacco's Wife is Dana Grady Flacco

Dana Flacco Meet Dana Flacco; formerly known as Dana Grady, this pretty lady is the wife of NFL player Joe Flacco. Flacco is the talented NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Flacco played for the Baltimore Ravens from 2008 to …

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Lamar Jackson’s Mother Felicia Jones

Amanda Bass Tucker 20 - Lamar Jackson's Mother Felicia Jones

Felicia Jones Meet Mrs. Felicia Jones, this incredible and gorgeous woman is the proud mother of Lamar Jackson, the talented quarterback with the Baltimore Ravens; prior to being drafted, Lamar played college football with the Louisville Cardinals at the University …

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Chanel Weddle NFL Eric Weddle’s Wife

chanel weddle

Chanel Weddle Chanel Weddle, the lovely wife of NFL player Eric Weddle is one fascinating Wag. Her husband as you all probably know is the safety player for the Baltimore Ravens. Prior to signing with Baltimore in 2016, Weddle played for the …

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Alex Collins’ Mother Andrea McDonald

Andrea McDonald

Andrea McDonald Meet Mrs. Andrea McDonald; she is the beautiful and proud mother of NFL player Alex Collins, the 5’10” running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He also played for the Seattle Seahawks and college football with the Arizona Razorbacks …

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Ashley Heap NFL Todd Heap’s Wife

Ashley Heap

Ashley Heap Meet Ashley Heap; she is the loving, caring and gorgeous wife of former NFL player Todd Heap. Her husband is the former tight end player who first played with the Baltimore Ravens and subsequently with the Arizona Cardinals. …

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Rita Orr NFL Zach Orr’s Mother

Rita Orr

Rita Orr Rita Orr is the loving and wonderful mother of NFL player Zach Orr. He is a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens who at the age of 24, announced his retirement due to a serious neck injury. For his …

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Marcedis Govan NFL Kenneth Dixon’s Girlfriend

Marcedis Govan

Marcedis Govan Marcedis Govan is the girlfriend of NFL player Kenneth Dixon, the running back for the Baltimore Ravens. 5’10” Dixon a rookie player was one of the best players of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs at Louisiana Tech University prior …

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Is Jeressa Mathis NFL Tray Walker’s girlfriend?

tray walker

Meet Jeressa Mathis Jeressa Mathis could be dating NFL player, Tray Walker. The football cornerback and Mathis often post pictures together and it all seems they have known each other for a while and get along really well. Tray attended …

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