Justin Fields Mother Gina Tobey

Gina Tobey

Gina Tobey Have you met Mrs. Gina Tobey? She is the loving and beautiful mother of college football player Justin Fields, the talented 6’3″ quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio State. Prior to joining the Buckeyes, Justin played …

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Meet Anthony Miller’s Girlfriend Ariana Novak

Ariana Novak

Ariana Novak Check the lovely Ariana Novak; this stunning girl is the girlfriend of NFL player Anthony Miller. Her beau is the 5’11” wide receiver for the Chicago Bears. Miller also played college football at the University of Memphis and …

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Khalil Mack’s girlfriend Jehona Dreshaj

Jehona Dreshaj

Jehona Dreshaj This pretty gal is Jehona Dreshaj; according to SportsGossip, she is the current girlfriend of NFL player Khalil Mack, the talented linebacker for the Chicago Bears. Prior to signing with the Bears in September 2018, Mack played for …

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Meet Allen Robinson II’s Girlfriend Alyssa Sorto

Alyssa Sorto

Alyssa Sorto Meet Alyssa Sorto; she is the utterly stunning girlfriend of NFL player Allen Robinson II. Her beau is the  6’2″ wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, he previously played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and college football at Penn …

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Mitch Trubisky’s Pretty Girlfriend Hillary Gallagher

Hillary Trubisky

Hillary Gallagher Check out the lovely Hillary Gallagher!!! Chicago Bears fan, she is the stunning girlfriend of Mitch Trubisky, the Bears quarterback, who played college football at the University of North Carolina, prior to entering the 2017 NFL Draft, where …

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Stacey Nagy Bears Matt Nagy’s Wife

stacey Nagy

 Stacey Nagy Meet Stacey Nagy; the beautiful wife of Matt Nagy, the head coach for the Chicago Bears, he joined Chicago after the Bears fired John Fox after the 2016-2017 season. Prior to that, he was the offensive coordinator for …

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Kristen Miller NFL Zach Miller’s Wife

Kristen Miller

Kristen Miller Kristen Miller is the beautiful wife of NFL player Zach Miller; the tight end for the Chicago Bears. 6’5″ Miller a  Weston, Nebraska native also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Prior to the …

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Leonard Floyd’s Girlfriend Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor This lovely young lady is Rachel Taylor, and she is the gorgeous girlfriend of NFL player Leonard Floyd. Her stud is the outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears; prior to the NFL, Taylor played college football with the Bulldogs …

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Jessica Wetherill Glennon NFL Mike Glennon’s Wife

Jessica Wetherill Glennon

Jessica Wetherill Glennon Jessica Wetherill Glennon; she is the loving wife of NFL player Mike Glennon, the new quarterback for the  Chicago Bears who also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He played college football at North Carolina State University …

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Robin Fox NFL John Fox’s Wife

Robin Fox

Robin Fox Robin Fox is the beautiful wife of NFL coach John Fox. Current head coach for the Chicago Bears, who previously was the head coach for the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. But we are not really going to discuss …

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