Todd Gurley’s Mother Darlene Simmons

Darlene Simmons

Mrs. Darlene Simmons is the beautiful and amazing mother of Todd Gurley; her son is the 6’1 running back for the Los Angeles Rams. Prior to going pro, Todd played with the Bulldogs at the University of Georgia and for the Vikings at Tarboro High school in North Carolina before that. In addition to football, Gurley also played basketball and ran track.

Maybe Todd Gurley is no longer dating Olivia Davison, Maybe he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

But his #1 girl is and forever will be his beloved momma Darlene.

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This impressive and kind soul raised her four children mostly by herself, she taught them to be hardworking people, humble, respectful and most of all thankful.

“That’s how they were raised,” Darlene said. “If we eat oatmeal for dinner, be thankful. If we eat steak for dinner, be thankful.”

Darlene worked pretty hard to provide her children with everything they need, maybe they didn’t have plenty, but they had everything they needed.

“They always had the things they needed,” Darlene Simmons said. “We didn’t have big, expensive things, but he always had clean, pressed clothes, food and a roof over his head. He always had friends and love. We stuck together through the good and the bad.”

Todd’s momma was born Darlene Kim Richardson on May 16, 1961; Mrs. Simmons was married to John Simmons father of her older siblings; brothers, Shannon (b. 1990)and Princeton (b. 1987) and sister Devin (b. 1992).

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John Simmons passed away before Todd’s birth. Todd’s father Todd Gerome Gurley still lives in Baltimore.

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His brother Shannon was arrested in 2012, on charges of armed robbery and assault and was incarcerated at Brockbridge Correctional Facility in Jessup, Maryland for some time.

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Todd and his family appeared on Celebrity Family Feud, they competed against Emmitt Smith and his family.