Valerie Jackson : former NFL player Fred Smoot’s girlfriend


Meet 30-year-old Valerie Jackson, the girlfriend of former NFL player Fred Smoot. We don’t know how happy on a scale of 1-10 she is right now but our guess is she wouldn’t answer a 10, (10 being super happy).


Her man was just acquitted on charges of domestic abuse filed by Valerie!


According to miss Jackson who is apparently a mom to two little boys, the 35-year-old former cornerback grabbed her during an altercation at a home in Ashburn in November.


Smoot and Jackson agreed that on the morning of November 23, Smoot asked Jackson for keys to his truck. She wouldn’t give them up. That’s when Smoot kicked in the bathroom door where she was locked in.

Their account of facts gives a wild turn after that. She even showed pictures of the alleged assault.


Jackson says after eh busted the bathroom door he grabbed and pushed her, ripping her shorts, then took her phone. Smoot says he never touched her with any intent to harm, yada yada yada.

Do you see them getting back together?

Find Valerie on Instagram here.


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