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  1. lorissa kots says

    He so cute and I have had crush on him for a long time I was able to go to my first race in Atlanta on Sep 1 and it was great my eyesvwere on the #5 car

  2. kristin says

    I think he is amazing and he seems down to earth. And i would love to have a beverage with him. Maybe a fruity juicy drink. As long as there’s a designated driver. That or we could rent a bus as long as the driver does not side swipe any other vehicles. As long as were ok and get enough sleep and have a sandwich for lunch.

  3. Colton says

    Oh my god, this boy just lights my eyes up. I would kill to get a kiss from Kasey. He has had my heart for so many years. Only The Lord knows what I would do to him.


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