Corinna Betsch Schumacher- F1 Driver Michael Schumacher’s Wife (PHOTOS)


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michael Schumacher Corinna Betsch Schumacher

Seven-time Formula One driver Michael Schumacher is happily married to his beautiful wife Corinna Schumacher also known as Corinna Betsch. They are considered to be Formula one’s golden couple, well one of many, but let’s us tell you more about Michael Schumacher’s pretty wife Corinna.

Corinna Schumacher bio

44-year-old Corinna Schumacher was born Corinna Betsch on March 2nd, 1969 in Halver, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Corinna met Michael thru her then boyfriend Alan Heinz -Harald Frentzen in 1991 , while she was working as an office clerk.

Corinna Schumacher Michael Schumacher picCorinna Schumacher Michael Schumacher pics

They got married on August 1st, 1995 in a civil ceremony in Kerpen and on at the Chapel of Petersburg four days later.

michael Schumacher Corinna Betsch wedding picsmichael Schumacher Corinna Betsch weddingmichael Schumacher Corinna Betsch wedding pic

Two years later on February 20, 1997 Corinna Schumacher gave birth to their first child a girl they named Gina Maria. Little Gina Schumacher became a big sister to her baby brother Mick on March 22, 1999.

Corinna Schumacher Michael Schumacher children

Corinna an animal right activist with a special interest in horses, joined PETA in 2006.

Corinna Schumacher Michael Schumacher picturesCorinna Schumacher Mmichael Schumacher pic

“Horses are very sensitive creatures that are often treated badly . They need our protection and they need an advocate .

Corinna Schumacher Michael Schumacher-pic

As an equestrian herself Corinna Schumacher won a gold medal at the European Championship in Western Riding of the National Reining Horse Association ( NRHA ) in 2010.

Corinna_Betsch_Schumacher- Michael-Schumacher wifeMichael Schumacher daughterMichael-Schumacher-Daughter-Gina-Maria-Schumacher Michael-Schumacher-children

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  1. kristel Gernigona says:

    Bonsoir Corrinna,

    Je vous donne de la force pour votre mari Michael. Mais il va s’en sortir il est fort vous le savez, je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage.
    Amitié KRISTEL
    PS: Vous êtes très belle


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