Javier Hernandez Chicharito girlfriend is Lety Sahagun or Chaska Borek.


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The British media stared the rumors that the forward Manchester United player Javier Hernandez ‘Chicharito ’ was  enjoying a romantic dinner last September but not with his longtime GF, but with an 18 years old actress Chaska Borek .

On 2011 Rumors said than ‘Chicharito’ arrived to Atlanta, USA. And with him an 18 years old girl named Chaska Borek.

“Chicharito” keeps the relationship with Lety Sahagun, despite the fact that European media involves him in a romance with an English actress named Chaska Borek, they mention to media that their relationship is better and better,” they chat every day by Blackberry”, said a couple closer friend.

But who are these girls?

lety sahagun Javier Hernandez pic

First we have Leticia Sahagun, Chicharito’s official girlfriend; she comes from one of the most prestigious and conservative  families in Jalisco. 23-year-old Lety Sahagun was born Leticia Sahagun in Guadalajara, Mexico to Lety Acevedo de Sahagun and Jaime Sahagun..

Ms. Sahagun  has one sister Renata and two brothers Rodrigo, Jaime and Renata Sahagun. She studied at the Centro Escolar Los Altos in Zapopan, Guadalajara the school is known for its Opus Dei beliefs. She then moved to Nuevo Leon where she is studied International relations at  Monterrey Tec. Lety has been dating the famous young Manchester United player since 2008.

Find Lety Sahagun on Twitter here.

And then comes the other lady linked to Chicharito, Chaska Borek

chaska borek

Chaska Borek is of  an Irish, Scottish and Canadian heritage from her mother’s side and American from her Hawaiian father. Chaska Borek is a vegetarian, and studies at  Cambridge University, she also likes to dance, and she participated in plays and ballet and swimming championships. She speaks  German, English and French fluently.

Find Chaska Borek on Facebook here and on  Twitter here

British tabloids said that Borek and the Mexican Manchester United player ‘Chicharito’ went to the Globe restaurant in England, and ask no to interrupt them. At the end of the evening, the couple walked out the back door. Even if Borek denied having a Facebook account, following comment were she write “missing him…Wish I was in Mexico”. Making reference to the Mexican soccer player. While Javier Hernandez was at that time playing in Mexico against Colombia.

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