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Let’s meet 24-year-old Shayanna Janelle Jenkins, she happens to be girlfriend/fiancée of 23-year-old football player Aaron Hernandez. Jenkins man is a tight end for the New England Pats and the couple has been engaged as of November of 2012. Shayanna the eldest daughter of Jodi Jenkins from Bristol, CT has two sister Ontavia and Shaneah Jenkins (check her here) who allegedly was dating Odin Lloyd, the man found shot to death close to Aaron and Shayanna’s home.

Shayanna Jenkins Aaron Hernandez fiancee pic Shayanna Jenkins Aaron Hernandez fiancee image Shayanna Jenkins Aaron Hernandez fiancee photos

That was also around the time when Shayanna “Shay” and Aaron welcomed their first baby and became parents to beautiful baby daughter, Avielle Janelle Hernandez, born on November 6, 2012! Which happens to be the same exact date of Aaron’s birthday. Parent and child sharing the same special day?! Isn’t that just the cutest thing? He even missed a game to be with his lovely girl and new bundle of joy!

Aaron Hernandez girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins photo Shayanna-Jenkins-Aaron-Hernandez-girlfriend-baby-mama Shayanna Jenkins Aaron Hernandez fiancee photo


Although his bad boy look makes him seem like a gangster from a rap video; in fact fatherhood is just something very meaningful for the young dad! We know him for talent but Shay’s boyfriend also likes to keep his reflections and life lessons tattooed to his skin. If it is to be, it is up to me, reads a large tattoo on his left forearm, a favorite saying of his late father, Dennis. Hernandez gave an interview around the time his daughter was born and addressed how he thought his behavior had to change:

Now, another one is looking up to me. I can’t just be young and reckless Aaron no more. I’m gonna try to do the right things, become a good father.

aaron hernandez baby daughtershayanna jenkins

I’m sure Shay felt very proud of him right there hearing those words! Their story goes back to their high school years! Shayanna met the father of her daughter Aaron who is of Puerto Rican descent back in high school; they both graduated in 2007 from Bristol Central High School being high school sweethearts. She’s been there for him since his college football days while he played for the University of Florida.

Aaron Hernandez girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins pic Aaron Hernandez Shayanna Jenkins 2013 aaron-hernandez-fiancee-shayanna-jenkins-bio

The couple seems to be somehow involved in the investigation of a dead man who was found near Shay’s home with the NFL player but so far neither have been declared as suspects. The couple currently resides in North Attleboro, MA along with their baby girl.

 Shayanna-Jenkins-Aaron-Hernandez-girlfriend-baby-mama pics Shayanna-Jenkins-Aaron-Hernandez-girlfriend-baby-mama photoShayanna-Jenkins-Aaron-Hernandez-girlfriend-baby-mama picture Shayanna-Jenkins-Aaron-Hernandez-girlfriend-baby-mama pictures Shayanna-Jenkins-Aaron-Hernandez-girlfriend-baby-mama pic

There seems to be little info about Shay but you can follow her man on twitter here.

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  1. eagles says

    man if he hurt dude because he was looking out for his girls, sister i am sure he could have taking care of that work another way, and without a loss of life, you know

    • JC o BK says

      It seems like the reason why Hernandez supposedly murdered Odin, as opposed to the other reason, which because Odin spoke with Hernandez’ enemies.
      Hernandez probably wanted a mixed race boyfriend for his girlfriend’s lil’ sister too.

  2. anthony says

    I sure hope that Aaron is not involved for the sake of his family (Shay & Baby). By the way Aaron really did go as Shay is one beautiful woman. I just hope he has not screwed his good thing up.

  3. Ed says

    Black women sure know how to pick em….Hope shes happy now that her man is a murderer and her child will never have her father in her life — and her sister’s boyfriend is dead. Another brotha lost to violence, shot dead like a dog at the hands of a millionare. And this ghetto skank is a “beautiful women?” Black ppl need to get it together and stop breeding with these lowlife ghetto thug losers — and stop making excuses because of “love” and good looks and money. It’s never worth ruining your child’s life. Only a black women sitting on a gold mine would ruin it all by causing her man to commit vengence and violence resulting in destroying everyone’s life – mostly her child’s.

    • James jones says

      Ed you are the most uneducated person I have ever heard of in my life. Are you serious right now with your comments you should really think before you talk. How in the hell was she suppose to know that her fiancé would be subject to such a hanus crime? O I’m sorry I guess people can tell the future now I mean I guess you can tell the future. For your sake you better always walk a straight line, people like you are the first ones to call black people Thugs/Gheto but are the last ones to look in the mirror. You wish you had money like them but clearly you don’t. And got damb Arron isn’t even convicted and you are already throwing away the key just as a white skank would do smh. Correction you need to check yourself and open up your narrow ass mind cause there are plenty of great black people out here that got it together and one of them are in office as our president so you need to get it together seriously or just shut your damb mouth cause you don’t make any sense what so ever. Ugh people like you make me mad and make me feel sad for you because your so damb stupid I feel so much pity. Please do me and you a favor and go back to school educate that silly mind of yours and then comment if not just keep those lips shut all the way up.

    • Arima Trinidad says

      I wish people would learn to use the word “woman” correctly. In your comment you continually use the plural “women” when you should be using the singular “woman”. Don’t know what it is about the amle of the species but I see this all the time from men who post comments. You must have slept through all of your English classes.

    • Mike BanKo says

      AT ‘ED’……! Bro wasup wit that, ‘SKANK’.. have some respect or don’t comment at all…u ignorant a**wipe

    • cathedra says


  4. To Ed says

    Ed you’re a dumb a… And since you want to go down the racist road with the “Black ppl need to get it together together and stop breeding with these lowlife ghetto thug loser..” Let me give you a wake up call: the majority of people encarcerated ARE black. So now tell me who really needs to stop breeding with who? Moron.

    • JC o BK says

      It’s incarcerated, not “encarcerated”. Most serial killers, most mass murderers (columbine High, Colorado Theater) are white.

  5. Jessica says

    This is for Ed’s ignorant comment. What does your comment even mean?? Are you saying that white women pick trophy husbands?? Race has nothing to do with anything. If you really want to talk, look at CoCo (ice t’s wife). Lets look at all of kim kardashian’s failed relationships. The list goes on. You probably sound just as ignorant as you look. Go read some books and educate yourself on a few topics.

  6. Arima Trinidad says

    Can’t imagine how these athletes continue to screw up. He had it all going for him and because of his temper he is now likely to spend the remainder of his life in prison. I do hope it was worth it.

  7. Ed says

    Wake up people. The connection Aaron had with the murder victim is that he was Hernandez’s babymomma’s sister’s boyfriend. Shayanna didn’t actively participate in the crime – but she and her sister are the single connection between the murderer and the murder victim. Obviously she couldn’t control Hernandez’s actions but with him living the life that he was she should have never been with him this long in the first place. By the way I’m black..Us as a ppl need to stop making tired excuses and finally start calling out the ratchetness going on in our community. Hernandez was a scumbag from day one and she foolishly decided to be with him for years and have his child. He shot another man in the face 4 months ago and yet she was still with him living with her baby in a house filled with illegal guns. He was crazy and violent and had many weapons..What other race women would have still been with a man after that? If she was a halfway decent woman she would have left him years ago or told him to leave his thug ways and friends behind..Everyone involved is lowlife scum. Black women’s bad decisions with men have ruined the black community. Stop the excuses brothas and sistas…Another brotha is dead and an young sista will be raised without a father. Her relationship with this thug murderer should have ended long before she brought his child into this world.

    • skoop says

      Ed, I hope you don’t breed, because intelligence and education is not your strong suit. You will only contribute to any perceived problems.

    • JC o BK says

      well said, Ed. She couldn’t let her trophy boyfriend go; and i’m not even saying ’cause of his $40Mil contract. She was probably walking around saying, internally, “oh my god, I can’t believe he chose me”.

      • cathedra says

        Mr. Ed, This is only my opinion, but I did read on the internet that they were high school sweet hearts and she stood by him in college, they move to MA buy a mansion, he plays for the patriots, she has his baby on his birthday. They are engaged, why they didn’t marry we don’t know, but even having a family at 23yrs old men need to go out with their friends, maybe not clubs, but that was their choice, so she made some sort of a statement (not in these exact words) but what he does when he goes out, stays out she didn’t want to know, probably because they know how the media can blow up a story, and she probably got tired of having to following up on everything so I don’t believe she knew half of what he did or had, who could be bothered, here he is out she’s got a pocketbook full of money, having her hair,nails,brows done, has his baby, can’t say they went from rags to rich, but they did become wealthy, probably knew deep down things were happening with other women, but not only her, alot of women accept this behavior, not saying it’s right or she’s a gold digger but my point is, she was probably so happy with ALL these new things that it never crossed her mind about what the guns were all about, she did know he had them obviously, there are pictures, i’m guessing she thought he had them for protection. How can we say she was aware of all his actions and should have left him, who’s to say she is not devestated to find out all of this information for the first time? We don’t know. She can only answer that. Your right, he shouldn’t have illegal guns in his home, did she know about all the guns? Had she or anyone else know that they were going to end up in this situation, i’m sure are beside themselves, but it’s to late with she could have, should have done this. If he was a thug or violent around her, why didn’t we hear any of this, I believe he led a double life. Anything can happen as we all know at any given moment, it could have been the mother of their child in trouble or dead. What if she was playing blind, she then would have made a bad choice. Highly doubtful that she was playing blind, who would ever chance being left in this situation. Do I believe she is in love with him and would do anything for her man, YES, Do I believe she knew he was a thug, maybe, but I do NOT believe she knew then what she knows now. He led his double life at his apartment in Franklin. What good would it do her to walk around and say “oh my god, I can’t believe he chose me”.internally? when in fact he did. How did you know she was insecure? Did you know her?

  8. Artemis Sands says

    Tacoshop, Your comment should be removed, you mindless, vile excuse of wasted space. That is an innocent child you said to kill, maybe you are a murderer of children, and you’re stupid enough to post your desire. Rot in hell

  9. my says

    A total of three more people connected to Aaron Hernandez have died in less than a year since the death of Odin Lloyd. Something is very, very, very, evil about this person called Aaron Hernandez. Place him in jail until the end of his life and let him be buried under the jail–oh, wait a minute–cremate him immediately as evil has few geographic parameters. I DO NOT LIKE THIS HERNANDEZ. As for the Blacks who hang with him, that is what they get for wanting to be Puerto Rican and even having children with them. Dark-skinned Blacks are still seeking to jump out of their skins even after the ‘Black is Beautiful’ movements. I have no Latino friends and do not desire to have any of them as friends.

    • nonyourbusiness says

      I’m hispanic and trust me I dont want to be friend with any black/white trash like you. In my like I had the pleasure and fortune to meet good USA white people and African Americans, who are great citizens, hard workers and super smarts, and they are not ingnorants like you. Since you are so ingnorant and racist, why don’t you go to the highest building, open the window and jump out of it.
      Thanks for jumping out of the window!!!!!

      • nonyourbusiness says

        Oh..if I have any misspellings is because I was typing too fast, not because I’m Hispanic and I don’t know how to write, read, or understand English..Thanks

  10. says

    I love the way whites blame and hate on minority Athletes , like white athletes are perfect. The ignorant comments about Black women are just that ignorant. There’s enough blame to go around, just look at your Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Lindsey Lohans of the world. No race is perfect,until you learn that,you are just that ignorant


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