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Meet the lovely and pretty Tiffany Nicole Smith, she is the longtime girlfriend of MLB player David Price, formerly a player with the Tampa Bay ray and recently the new pitcher with the Detroit Tigers!

Tennessee  born David Price, 28, the new pitcher with thе Detroit Tigers wаѕ selected firѕt оvеrаll in thе 2007 Major League Baseball Draft bу thе Tampa Bay Rays аnd made hiѕ major league debut in September 2008.

Price pitched оut оf thе bullpen during thе Rays run thrоugh thе 2008 playoffs. Juѕt weeks аftеr hiѕ firѕt appearance in thе big leagues, hе earned a memorable save in Game 7 оf thе ALCS, helping hiѕ club reach thеir firѕt World Series.

He bесаmе a full-time starting pitcher in 2009. In hiѕ ѕесоnd full season, hе wаѕ named thе American League starter fоr thе 2010 All-Star Game аnd finished ѕесоnd in thе voting fоr thе 2010 Cy Young Award. Hе wоn hiѕ firѕt Cy Young Award in 2012 аftеr a tight race.

Price’s trade to Detroit reached on July 31st. send Austin Jackson to the Mariners, while Tampa is welcoming Willy Adames, Nick Fraklin and Drew Smyly.

Price has been dating his stunning girlfriend Tiffany Nicole Smith for a long time.

Tiffany Nicole Smith David  Price girlfriend pic

30-year-old Tiffany Nicole, graduated from Kansas State. Ms. Smith and her 28-year-old boyfriend seem to get along more than just ok, the hot couple even think alike when it comes to the Boston’s Red Sox.

Tiffany hasn’t made the best of impressions, unfortunately for her, she made the headlines just a few weeks ago when she went off on Fenway fans.

She did not apologize for her comment, like Price did and instead during Boston’s game 2, Nicole went to Twitter to announce to the world just how awful everyone from Boston truly is saying:

@MsKansasState: Convinced that there must be a written rule that in order to be a Red Sox fan, you have to be a complete and utter POS. Wow!. – 5:55PM, October 4. 2013

@MsKansasState:: Wow he pimped the crap out of that homerun. #KeepItClassyBoston – 8:37 PM October 5, 2013


Other than her Twitter meltdown, Nicole is a very good looking gal. On twitter she writes about herself

K-State grad… Big city smart. Small town friendly. Mother to two barking boys who are nothing less ? than perfect.

Tiffany Nicole is truly smitten with her dogs, she has posted more than a few pics of the odd pair, so is safe to say she is an animal person. The HuffPost reported Tiffany’s man is giving away some free and unsolicited advice during the holidays, twitting a rather “what were you thinking” comment

Everyone thats traveling for thanksgiving please be careful! Driving conditions will be rough with these storms! Ladies..let ur man drive!

Wonder what “Big city smart” Tiffany’s take is on the not so considerate thought? Is safe to say the couple deserve each other, don’t you think? Would we here another apology from Tiffany’s man?

Detroit will be welcoming Price this season and along him, comes pretty Tiffany Smith, who before she moved to Kansas for College she lived in Chandler, Arizona.

Tiffany Nicole Smith David  Price girlfriend_photos

You can follow her on Twitter here.

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