Who is MMA George St. Pierre’s Girlfriend? (PHOTOS)

Who is George St. Pierre's Girlfriend?


Georges-St-Pierre-girlfriend Lucy Onyeforo picture

Georges St-Pierre has been more than just one of the great champs in mixed martial arts present. He is also known as being a Don Juan and we still don’t know who his official girlfriend is, most importantly who is the girl who is currently pregnant, and whose unborn child Georges doesn’t want to have.

Georges-st-pierre-girlfriend Georges-st-pierre-girlfriend-2012 Georges-st-pierre-girlfriend-2012-photoJPG Georges-st-pierre-girlfriend-2012-pic Gsp-girlfriend

He radiates glam, politeness and dedication that compete against the best.

He has gone through failed drug tests to drunken binges to homophobic slurs and thoughtless tweets….

Georges-st-pierre-gsp-girlfriend photosGeorges-st-pierre-gsp-girlfriend photo

St-Pierre brought tons of good media attention, attracted fans by the droves and normally set a standard for what a pro fighter should be. He’s for all time been in superb condition and pushed the sport to new levels. He still executes moves in the cage others just are not capable to do.

St-Pierre will step into the Octagon at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Saturday to guard his welterweight title against archrival Nick Diaz in the major experience of UFC 158.

Diaz has managed to stick in the idea of St-Pierre as the cool, calmed, serene athlete.

Throughout a wild con call, St-Pierre irritably referred to Diaz as “an uneducated fool.” So frustrated was he throughout a long Diaz rage that St-Pierre said:

I don’t understand half of the words that you are saying because your English is bad. I speak English better than you, man.

Previous fighter Danny “Boy” Downes, who now sporadically writes for UFC.com, created a hash tag  on Tweeter and began a sequence of wisecracks that made mocking of the ‘dark place’ in the champ’s head.

St-Pierre said:

I’m the one who decides where the fight is going to go

Diaz is a well-formed fighter, but his outstanding and incredible stamina are his strengths.

An irritated St-Pierre could make errors that could open the gate for a disappointing conquest by Diaz.

St-Pierre said:

Do you know how many times fighters have said things and tried to get into my head.

He can say what he wants, but that’s not going to work. I know what I want to do and what I need to do and I’m going to go out there and do it.

Maybe George is upset because we haven’t seen him lately with a new chick. Names as Mandy Moore or Olympics athlete Lucy Onyeforo are just few names that appear to be part of his once harem…

Georges-St-Pierre-girlfriend Lucy Onyeforo picmandy-moore-georges-st-pierremandy-moore-georges-st-pierre-datingLucy-Onyeforo-Georges-St-Pierre-girlfriendmandy-moore-georges-st-pierre-girlfriend

He usually gets spotted with a number of of the hottest chicks. We never really identify for sure who is Georges St. Pierre’s girlfriend only because he is so mysterious about it.

As you all probably heard Georges’ girlfriend or former flame is expecting his child, but he doesn’t want her to continue the pregnancy, the identity of this girl has not been revealed, but I’m sure it is just a matter of time until her name is reveal and you will be the first to know, this news was first reported by TMZ..

GSP recently learned he knocked up a woman — and he doesn’t want to have a baby with her but she insists on keeping it.

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  1. Really... says

    That black girl in the pool with Georges is not Lucy Onyeforo. Lucy Onyeforo wished she looked like this girl, and this chick in the pool is not much of a dime herself. Lucy Onyeforo is the one that looks like Wesley Snipes running track.

  2. Private Business says

    Why is everyone interested in who he is romantically involved with? If you believe rumors he was crushing hard on a Virginia, U.S. woman that he didn’t realize was married.

  3. So... says

    I wonder who GSP got pregnant. Can’t be this wildebeest looking chick, Lucy Onyeforo – she’s bobsledding somewhere. Georges, you naughty boy lol! Don’t believe the rumor about his dad, but I can definitely believe somebody trying to trap his a$$ on some babydaddy ish. Nice payday if you’re Georges St. Pierre’s babymama. Gotta protect yourself, man!

  4. Bomshell says

    Too bad you all don’t know who it really is. Just because one is prenant now does not mean there could have been one more or even now, one pregnant. Maybe he should’ve wear a condom right.

  5. tristar4life says

    Why do people care? He met the one he wanted 3 years ago ..from state/province of Virginia, U.S. She is married and stayed with her family. It has obviously taken its toll on him and he needs privacy for once.

  6. CanadianPatriot says

    Anyone but me notice the change in his defense or like thereof? Dates back to Virginia chick for real. Keepn it 1,000.

  7. Hope so says

    Hope so i don’t want too see someone so disrespectful as nick diaz in the octagon, making a career based on trash talk being a gangster and a pot smoker. we need someone that inspires us and a respectful person like GSP, AS, Jon Jones, Cain who are not only the champions but are very respectful guys.


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