Who is NHL Player Jaromir Jagr’s Current Girlfriend?




NHL player Jaromir Jagr might be in his 40’s but the Czech Ice hockey player with New Jersey Devils still melts the ice, who whose heart is Jagr melting this year? Who is Jaromir Jagr’s girlfriend?

41-year-old Jamomir Jagr born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 1990 NHL Draft, after playing 806 games with the Penguins, Jagr signed with the Washington Capitals in 2001.

In 2004 The Capitals traded him to the New York Rangers for Anson Carter and after becoming a free agen in 21008 he joined the Avangard Omsk for a two-year- contract worth $5M a year. By July, 2011 Jagr returned to the U.S  and signed a one-year, $3.3 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Last July, Jaromir signed  a one-year deal,  $4.5 million contract with the Dallas Stars who traded him in April to the Boston Bruins.

Boston released him in June, by July 22 Jagr signed a one year deal  with the Devils of Jersey.

Over his successful career, we noticed that Jaromir Jagr has dated many beautiful women, and yet non one these  sexy ladies had drove him to the altar. So we are 100% sure there is no wife in Jagr’s life but what about a girlfriend?

Jagr has been linked to many women like Lucie Borhyova,

Lucie Borhyova Jaromir Jagrlucie-borhyova-jaromir-jagr

Nikol Lenertova and certainly to the former beauty queen Andrea Veresova,

jaromir-jagr-nicol-lenertovaNicol-Lenertova-and-Jaromir-Jagr picNicol-Lenertova-and-Jaromir-Jagr

Jaromir Jagr Andrea VeresovaJaromir Jagr Andrea Veresova picture0022874331

but by far the only girl who stick around for a while was pretty Inna Puhajkova, the same girl he was dating when the Kiss Cam obliged him to kiss tennis player Petra Kvitova, no harm done Inna was there and wasn’t jealous at all, she got her kiss afterwards.

IS_45302774Jaromir Jagr girlfriend 2013 pictureJaromir Jagr girlfriend 2013 picturesJaromir Jagr girlfriend 2013 pics

Let us tell you a few thingies about Jagr’s former flame Inna Puhajkova..

Inna Puhajkova bio

27-year-old Inna Puhajkova was born on March 2nd, 1986 in Russia to Volhynian Czechs parents. Inna graduated in 2006 from the Secondary Police School of the Interior Ministry in Prague, She moved to the U.S and then to Russia.

Inna Puhajkova picInna Puhajkova wiki

Inna was the 2004 Miss Russia contestant and worked as a sports reporter for TV Nova in 2012, this year she became Poledni Sports News’ hottest sports reporter, she is currently studying Marketing Communications at the University of Finance and Administration.

Inna Puhajkova Jiri Tlusty

Inna and Jaromir began to date in 2006, they split up last year and she is now dating Jiri Tlusty  the 25-year-old Czech Ice hockey player with the Carolina Hurricanes.


Years ago around 1996  Jagr dated pretty Iva Kubeltova they split up in 1999, reunited in 2013 but just for a friendly interview.



But who is Jaromir dating in 2013? Apparently he is not dating anyone, unless that you know something that we don’t!!

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