Andrea Thompson is Brendan Schaub’s Girlfriend



Some rumors said that Brendan Schaub is married , he is not married bbut he is not single either, his girlfriend is the beautiful Andrea Thompson, but we know that the MMA fighter is preparing for his next fight against Lavar Johnson, we hope he had good result.

Andrea Thompson is a host, model and fitness enthusiast, she cares a lot about her diet and her health, she also likes art and sports, she likes modeling and body building, and she as we know is a model and participated in Miss USA as Miss Colorado.

Is few the information we have about Andrea but as we saw she is really in love with Brendan.

Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub, with 29 years old is ready for his big fight against Lavar Johnson of 35 years old; we wish The Hybrid good luck and hope we can see his girlfriend Andrea supporting him.

You can find Andrea Thompon in Twitter.