Ashley Welch Indy Josef Newgarden’s Girlfriend

Ashley Welch

This lovely girl is Ashley Welch; and she is the gorgeous girlfriend of Josef Newgarden, Indy car driver for Team Penske. Prior to driving the 2 cars, Newgarden raced in the Indy Light series, Gp3 series, Formula Ford, and Palmer Audi.

Surely you know everything about Josef, and you don’t want to read about something you already know of; therefore, let me tell you about Newgarden’s other half Ashley.

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  • Pretty Ms. Welch was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Ashley attended at Salem High School in New Hampshire.
  • She graduated from Georgia Perimeter College.

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  • Welch worked as an entertainer at Walt Disney World.
  • She resides in Tokyo, where she continues to work as an entertainer at Tokyo Disneyland.

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Josef and  Ashley became engaged on October 6, 2028.

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