Candace Curtis- Former MLB Player Chad Curtis Wife [PHOTOS]

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We all are expecting of the latest news of MLB player Chad Curtis. We hope all the best for him and his family: wife Candace Curtis ; children, Cori, Cassidy, Chad Jr.

The story:

Mary Jo Smith, wife of Chad’s baseball coach, taught Curtis and Candace Reynolds, who would become his wife, in English class at Benson High.

She said:

They were both really good kids. We’re all very proud of what Chad did last night. He came from a really strong family, very religious, just very good people.

The high school sweethearts were married on May 7, 1990, Curtis’ first year in pro baseball.

The service took place in the law court at Davenport, Iowa, at 1:30 in the afternoon – and Chad was wearing his Davenport Angels baseball uniform.

Curtis told the Citizen in a 1993 interview:

That’s because we had a game at 2 o’clock.

Candace Curtis said then:

I don”t think Chad looked at it that way so much, but I did a little bit.

It was Chad’s fervor, his determination which 15 years ago piqued Candace Reynolds to look further than the strong exterior that often kept outsiders from trying to know Chad Curtis.

In their small-town ex residence of Benson, Ariz., just southeast of Tucson, Chad was a high school quarterback and a baseball player. Some considered him haughty. Some wrote him off as another overconfident jock. Candace had become intrigued shortly after Chad”s family moved to Arizona from Michigan when he was in 10th grade.

She liked his earnestness, his capacity to see himself as a human more than a player. And when he put his mind to something,

She said:

he was committed to it more than anyone I”ve ever known

Five years later, a lady who knew little and cared less about the game of baseball drove from Arizona to Iowa to marry a 45th-round breeze option who stood before the justice of the peace wearing a baseball uniform, fearing he might be late to his minor league team”s batting practice.

Candace laughed and said,

I”d do it again, too, even if he wore those funny socks.

Even his picture on the big board looks mean.

On field he”ll continue to take criticism. Some will like him; others will dislike him.

Candace said:

He”s not here to be liked. He looks at this whole baseball thing as a way to witness to his beliefs.