Deejay Dallas’ Girlfriend Yasmin Moné

Yasmin Moné

Lovely Yasmin Moné is coming to Seattle!!! Her boyfriend DeeJay Dallas the 5’10” running back from Brunswich, Georgia is the 144th overall selection drafted in the fourth round by the Seattle Seahawks during the 2020 NFL Draft.

Prior to the Draft, Deejay played college football for the Miami Hurricanes at the University of Miami.

Initially, Dallas started his career as a wide receiver at Glynn Academy in Georgia; however, his versatility is impressive and also played as a quarterback, kick returner, punt returner and certainly in the running back position.

Deejay Dallas has been dating Yasmin Moné for quite some time, they welcomed their adorable son Deejay jr. on June 30, 2019.

Yasmin is the owner of Yasmin Moné Collection LLC.

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Deejay asked Yasmine to spend the rest of her life with him on December 25, 2019.