Four of the Cutest eSports Couples

This site is devoted to telling the tales of the glamorous wives and girlfriends of some of our nation’s most revered sporting heroes. From sharing the backstories of the gorgeous girlfriends of NFL players to the inspiring tales of the key women in star athletes like Kobe Bryant’s life, we’ve covered them all. In today’s post, however, there’s something a little different in store. 

This post is going to dive into the romantic lives of prominent eSports players. “What’s eSports?” we hear you ask. Well, if you keep reading you’ll find out!

Is eSports Really A Sport? 

In recent years, the gaming industry has become a global powerhouse, encompassing various genres and modes of play that cater to a wide variety of gamers. Certain sectors have evolved as a consequence of the innovations and advancements made in digital tech, one of which is eSports (short for electronic sports). The rise of professional gaming has been meteoric, transforming what was once considered a niche hobby into a multimillion-dollar industry. 

Major eSports tournaments attract massive audiences and industry sponsorships, with elite players becoming household names, in much the same way that traditional sports stars do. Of course, playing digital games competitively in and of itself isn’t technically considered eSports. The gaming industry, after all, contains plenty of genres and titles with competitive elements, whether that’s a PvP game like Grand Theft Auto V or one of the real card games like blackjack playable at a digital platform such as PokerStars Casino. What sets eSports apart is the skill requirement involved; this is professional video gaming contested by players who are at the peak of their abilities. 

eSports, therefore, is undeniably a recognized sport, particularly thanks to its correlation with mindsports (intellectual activities that require skill and strategic thinking). Popular eSports games like Dota 2, VALORANT, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive all demand high levels of cognitive skills and are as mentally challenging as disciplines like Chess. 

Our Four Favourite eSports Couples

But, enough about the semantics of whether eSports is a “real” sport or not! Let’s take a look at those adorable gamer couples who’ve made romance and commitment as much a part of their lives as their professions. 

Christopher MonteCristo Mykles and Susie LilSusie Kim

These two veterans of the eSports scene managed to keep their blossoming relationship under wraps for five whole years — they even had their very own hashtag! Prior to the pair’s nuptials, which took place in an underground eSports arena and was streamed in its entirety on MonteCristo’s Twitch channel, the pair secretly communicated on socials using #EsportsMystery to hide their affections. 

Artour Arteezy Babaev and Zhang Dove Tiange

Dota duo Arteezy and Dove could’ve been made for each other. Shared love of eSports aside, the pair are also devoted BlackPink fans and regularly attend their concerts. This couple makes such a cute pair and eSports enthusiasts particularly enjoy the fact that while they’re rarely seen together at tournaments and events, during the off-season they’re more than happy to share adorable vacation pics on social media. 

Keita Fuudo Ai and Yuka Kuramochi

Our next couple bonded over their mutual love of video games when they first met in an arcade several years ago. So deep is their appreciation for gaming and eSports that Yura even called their 2019 wedding a “Capukon”, a portmanteau of the Japanese word for nuptials kon, and, of course, Capcom. 

Kim Doinb Tae-sang and Tang Umi Xiaoyou

League of Legends Worlds 2019 champion Doinb and Dungeon Fighter Online caster Umi are one of the most devoted couples in the eSports scene. Doinb has often credited Umi’s advice and support in playing a massive role in his championship success. Not only that, but he promised to take his wife to Paris prior to his 2019 qualification, a dedication he soon made good on (to her delight). Doinb even chose Malphite for his Worlds 2019 skin, as that was the only LoL champion Umi knew how to play!


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