Jeanie Buss L. A Lakers Owner /Jerry Buss’ daughter (PHOTOS)

Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss is the owner of Los Angeles Lakers; she inherited the team after her father  Jerry Buss passed away on February 18, 2013, at the age of 80.



59-year-old Jeanie was born on March 26, 1961, in Santa Monica, Cali; she is one of four children born to JoAnn Mueller who had four children Jim, Jeanie, Johnny and Janie.

Jeanie Buss


Jerry ad JoAnn Buss divorced in 1979. He then dated Karen Demel mom of her two sons, Joey (b. 1984) and Jesse (b. 1988).

Mr. Buss also dated Delia Cortez.

Jeanie Buss graduated in 1981 from Palisades High School in Santa Monica and 1993 graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills where she studied Animal Science, Biology, and  Psychology.

Jeanie Buss dated or might still be together with former NBA coach Phil Jackson; but prior to that she was married to Steve Timmons, the former volleyball to whom she exchanged vows in 1990. Timmons born on November 29, 1958, won two gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games in L.A, 1988 in Seoul, and a bronze medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Jeanie Buss


He also took the gold home at the 1986 World Championships in Paris and silver medal at the 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow.

Jeanie and Steve Timmons didn’t have any children, they divorced in 1993. Jeanie commented about her marriage.

“I never put my marriage first … It was always business that attracted me.”

Jeanie’s love story with Phil Jackson started to blossom in 1999. After several years of dating, Phil finally proposed during a Christmas holiday in 2012.

Four years later, on December 27, Phil revealed he and Jeanie decided to call off their engagement.

Jeanie BussPin

However, judging for Jeanie’s Instagram feed it looks like she and Phil are still dating, or they are just good friends.

Jeanie Buss


Phil has been married twice; married first wife Maxine Monkman on September 3, 1967. They had one daughter Elizabeth but divorced in 1972.

Jackson subsequently exchanged vows for the second time in October 1974, to June Perry, mother of his children Chelsea, Brooke, and twins Ben and Charlie. June and Jackson divorced in 2001.

Prior to taking over the Lakers, Jeanie  served as administrative vice president

Jeanie’s brother Johnny is in addition to own a percentage of the Lakers, serves as vice president of strategic development; Jim served as executive vice president of basketball operations and head of basketball operations until February 2017, he also lost his place in both the Lakers board of directors as a trustee of the Buss family trust.

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Her sister Janie (b. 1963), wife of  David Drexel, father of her two children 23-year-0ld Riley and 19-year-old Sierra, graduated in 1981 from Palisades High School in Santa Monica and 1993 graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills where she studied Animal Science, Biology, and  Psychology.

Janie Buss served as director of charitable services, she handled an approximate of 500 requests a month for charity. Jeanie also ran the Lakers Youth Foundation, in which hands close to $500,000 annually.

Jerry Said: “She’s probably the most compassionate of all of my children,” “Charity is really her calling. As a mother, it’s a great fit.”

“I love what I do, and a lot of my friends can’t say that. I can see my kids whenever I want. If my dad sold, the money may run out, and I have a job that I love as long as we own it. My life is perfect how it is. Plus, it’s my dad’s team.” Said Janie