Leonard Hamilton’s Wife Claudette Hamilton

Claudette Hamilton

Meet Mrs. Claudette Hamilton; she is the beautiful and lovely wife of college basketball coach Leonard Hamilton, current head coach for the Florida Seminoles at Florida State University. Prior to joining FSU, coach Hamilton coached the Washington Wizards from 2000 to 2001.

He also worked coached the Miami Hurricanes (now coached by Jim Larranaga), Oklahoma State the team where he got his first head coaching job at. He started his coaching career as an assistant at Austin Peay in 1971, subsequently worked for the Kentucky Wildcats at the University of Kentucky.

Coach met his lovely wife Claudette while they both attended at the University of Tennesee at Martin; at that time Mrs. Hamilton was known as Claudette Hale, as a matter of fact, her full name is Claudette Janet Hale born on March 25, 1951.

Claudette and Leonard tied the knot not long after he joined Army ROTC. At the time Claudette said she didn’t know what it meant to be a coach’s wife.

“You can always tell where the basketball coach lives,” Claudette Hamilton said. “In the wintertime, the snow is never shoveled in the driveway and in the summer, the grass is the tallest in the neighborhood.”

“I couldn’t say it wasn’t a bit of a sacrifice. The negativity people write or say about him bothers me. If they knew Leonard, they would understand better.”

Claudette a former volunteer tutor and her fab husband have two incredible children together; Lenny, a musician born in 1970; and daughter Allison Janae an artist born in 1984.