Marlon Mack’s Mother Demetris Woods-Mack

Demetris Woods-Mack

Meet the lovely Mrs. Demetris Woods-Mack; she is the amazing and gorgeous mother of NFL player Marlon Mack, the young 5’11” running back for the Indianapolis Colts who also played college football at South Florida.

Perhaps many of you wonder whether or not Marlon Mack has a girlfriend, it looks like he is single, but his number one girl is his momma. Check her top facts below
  • Mrs. Mack was born Demetris Colette Woods on November 16, 1972; she met her husband of nearly 19 years, more than 27 years ago.
  • Demetris and Marlo met while they studied at Miami Beach Senior High. Marlo eventually moved to Miami Senior where he was a cornerback at.
  • Demetris Woods-Mack holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from USF and now works as a social worker at YMCA, finding homes for children before they are sent to the state system.
  • In addition to Marlon, Demetris is momma to Marlo Jr. and Deon Woods,  former football players at  Sarasota and the UCLA Tornadoes, respectively.