Meet Kevin De Bruyne’s Wife, Michele Lacroix

Think soccer, and you’ll likely conjure up images of the English Premier League. The highest level of professional soccer in the United Kingdom is also one of the best-supported worldwide, with the EPL attracting followers across Europe, North America, Africa, and more.

1 - Meet Kevin De Bruyne's Wife, Michele Lacroix

The Premier League is the most-watched and most bet-on club soccer tournament around. For lovers of international soccer, the World Cup is the flagship tournament.

Manchester City is the biggest name in English soccer, with Pep Guardiola’s team winning each of the last three Premier League crowns. The club boasts a cash-rich board, a multi-million-dollar stadium at the Etihad, and an embarrassment of riches in their playing squad. Whether you love soccer or prefer following the NFL or NBA, or even like following NHL betting online, you’ll know all about Man City and its recent dominance. 

The Cityzens won a treble last season, claiming three titles in a stunning end to the 2022/23 campaign. After fighting back to deny Arsenal and retain the league crown, Man City added the FA Cup at Wembley and rounded up a perfect campaign by winning the Champions League.

The British club beat Milan in the final, finally getting their hands on European soccer’s main attraction. Will they defend their trophy this year and win back-to-back European awards?

What makes them tick?

What’s the secret behind Man City’s recent success? Sure, they have a squad and budget that’s the envy of most teams in the world, but there’s more to it than just cash.

The English and European soccer champions have an experienced squad, boasting some of the sport’s most talented and ambitious names. Young striker Erling Haaland is the poster boy this season, scoring important goals for the team. But we must recognize the importance of Kevin De Bruyne.

The Belgian midfielder is captain of both Man City and the Belgian national team, meaning he knows a thing or two about leadership. The 32-year-old from Drongen has already played more than 240 times for Man City, scoring over 60 goals.

KDB has played in all the top competitions, including the FIFA World Cup, World Club Cup, Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, and Community Shield, leading by example every time he takes to the field of play.

If Kevin De Bruyne makes the Man City winning machine tick, it’s fair to wonder what makes the great man tick.

As the old saying goes, behind every successful man is a strong woman, and that’s especially true in professional sports, including soccer.

Regular readers of the articles published on these pages know we like to shine the spotlight on the inner workings of sports’ biggest names, including their wives and girlfriends. Keep reading as we introduce you to Mrs. Kevin De Bruyne.

Michele Lacroix

1 - Meet Kevin De Bruyne's Wife, Michele Lacroix

The woman behind KDB’s success is Michele Lacroix. The pair met in 2014, and what followed was a whirlwind romance. In just three years, Kevin and Michele met, got engaged, and then married, with the couple tying the knot at a lavish ceremony in 2017. The De Bruynes don’t do things in half measures, and they followed that quick marriage with three children, two sons and a daughter. But Michele wasn’t Kevin’s first love interest.

In the player’s autobiography entitled “Keep It Simple,” Kevin revealed he formerly had a long-term relationship, which broke down when the lady in question left Kevin for his Belgian teammate Thibaut Courtois.

Although that impacted De Bruyne greatly, he refused to allow it to sabotage his career.

He even continued to play in the same Belgian team as Thibaut, remaining professional in the face of such challenging circumstances. That’s why Kevin’s so respected in the game.

It certainly wasn’t one of Kevin’s many highlights, but he found love with Michele, and, as the old saying goes, “all’s well that ends well.”

The Du Bruynes couldn’t be happier today, and a look at the woman behind the special player with a challenging past gives a glimpse into how love eventually worked for Kevin. A settled life off the pitch helped him find success on the grass.

Businesswoman, wife, and mum

Michele Lacroix is a Belgian beauty. The 30-year-old may be married to a famous sports star, but she’s not your typical Premier League wag. Not the stay-at-home mum or jet-setting model. She’s not a member of a super famous girl-pop group, and she doesn’t have a scandalous past.

In terms of the world-famous British tabloids, Michele offers nothing for them to sink their teeth into. She’s a successful businesswoman, adoring mum, and devoted wife.

The lady from Genk, now known as Mrs De Bruyne, is a successful and internationally recognized podcast host, media face, and social media influencer. Michele also has an avid interest in fashion and has appeared in several shoots as a clothes model, working with some of the top designers in magazines, online, and on her social media platforms.

There’s no doubt she’s more famous in Belgium than she is in the United States or the United Kingdom, but Lacroix continues to build her online presence and earning power.

Michele Lacroix was the most searched name online when Kevin Bu Bruyne announced his wedding plans.

Followers of the soccer sensation were delighted he had found love after the scandal of his failed relationship with Caroline Lijnen.

The world knows only Michele Lacroix, the podcast host and celebrity wife of a famous soccer player. But little is known about her private life and background.

That’s because Michele is a fiercely private person, something that followed her into motherhood.

You will see very few double-page spreads on the De Bruyne family in glossy magazines or on Netflix. She was privately educated in Belgium and attended University there before following her chosen career path.

Speaking on her social media handles, Michele is obviously extremely family-orientated and is close to her family in Belgium, especially her father, Roland. However, there are few mentions of her mother.


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