Michela Persico Soccer Daniele Rugani’s Girlfriend

Michela Persico

Meet the lovely Michela Persico, this stunning Italian journalist, and former beauty queen is the girlfriend of Italian center back player Daniele Rugani, currently on the squad of Serie A club Juventus. Rugani who also plays in the Italy National team also played with Empoli.

No doubt you all know Rugani’s story, so let’s move on to his girlfriend, this is what Fabwags can tell you about her.

Michela Persico was born in Bergamo on March 26, 1991. Sports was something that she felt passionate about, that and writing. Therefore, her first job was as a journalist in Football Top 24 first and then with SportItalia. Later, was named TeleLombardia’s sports editor.

Michela has worked pretty hard to get to where she is, no partying for her, while her peers partied all night she stayed home either working or studying. Ms. Persico graduated in Languages at the University of Bergamo and acquired the press card publicist.

During the period she worked for SportItalia, Michela became appreciated for her beauty and professionalism, without a doubt her fame grew, and soon Sportmediaset approached her.

Michela, Miss Sun of the Alps in the2011 Miss Padania Beauty contest joined Mediaset. Nowadays, she is a freelance sports journalist all over Italy. She is also the host of the t.v show Tiki Taka.