Mirela Foric Srna Croatia Darijo Srna’s Wife

Mirela Foric Srna

Mirela Foric Srna is the pretty and wife of Darijo Srna, the Croatian soccer player who is currently a right back player for Shakhtar Donetsk and captain of the Croatia National soccer Team.

Mirela Foric Srna’s husband Darijo Srna was born in Metkovic, Yugoslavia on May 1st, 1982, one of three children born to Uzeir Snar and Milka, also parents of Renato and Igor. Uzeir Srna who passed away on June 12, 2016 went thru difficult time as a child. Darijo’s dad a World War II orphan was born in Bosnia to a Muslim family that consisted in his father, mother, brother Safet and a sister, both his mother and sister were burned alive inside their house after Orthodox Chetniks set their town in fire, he and his brother escaped with his father who was killed years later by a stray bullet while working at a coffee house.

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The two boys were separated and went to live in fosters homes. Uzeir was adopted by a Slovenian family who treated him as their own son. They changed his name to Mirko Kelenc.

Safet Srna joined the Army, but never forgot about his little brother Uzeir so he used all the contacts he had to help him in the search for his brother. Finally, a commander told him about a Bosnian boy, a three or maybe four-year-old orphan who had been adopted, Safet went to the house and there was his little brother, who his new parents called Mirko and who also didn’t allow Safet to see their young child, eventually they agreed, the two brothers reunited went back to Bosnia where Uzeir had to learn to speak Slovenian and learn how to bake bread.

He became a fabulous baker, with no job, so he started playing soccer, he was good, it didnot take very long for an agent to find him and get him a team to play for.

Uzeir had a job doing something he loved he played in the goalkeeper position and played for several teams including Borac Samacand FK Sarajevo.

Uzeir Srna married twice. First to Nadu a pretty brunette became his wife and mother of his eldest son Renato, but their marriage didn’t work and they got a divorce. He found love again, this time a girl named Milka who became the mother of his two younger sons Igor and Darijo. Igor has Down syndrome. Marijo dedicates every goal to him. Renato Srna is a coach at Neretva.

Darijo Srna joined his first team GOSK Gabela in 1997 and represented Croatia in the Croatia U15 team in 1998, a year later he was named to the Croatia U17 team and joined Neretva Metkovic. Later that year he signed with Hajduk Split’ senior team where he scored 4 goals and made 64 appearances. In 2003, Darijo was traded to Shakhtar Donetsk where he now reigns as their captain.

Mirela Forić Srna


Snra met his pretty wife Mirela Forić Srna in 2005. They were introduced by soccer player and mutual friends Bosko Balaban and his wife Iva. They got married on May 15, 2010 at the Excelsior hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Mirela was seven-months pregnant at the time.

Their daughter Kasja was born on July 8, 2010 and on June 26, 2016, their little boy Karlo came to the world. Mirela Foric Srna is the CEO of fashion & lifestyle powerhouse website Büro 24/7.


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