Rhonda Kubiak – NFL Coach Gary Kubiak’s Wife

Rhonda Kubiak

Meet Rhonda Kubiak,  Rhonda Gail Kubiak 52, she is the lovely wife of the former second head coach in NFL franchise history of the Houston Texas and current head coach with  the Denver Broncos. Her  husband was relatively unknown even after a few year on the job, he is a private man; those close to him say what matters to him is to have the respect of his players and love of his family, and we know he has both for sure.

On those tough days, it’s the drive home with Rhonda that steers his world back toward normal. He says:


“Sometimes I’ll say, ‘I don’t want to talk,’ ” “But she gets me to talking, and it’s probably better that I do.”


Rhonda was born March 14, 1961. Rhonda’s father, Joe, passed away a few years ago, but her mother, Verna, who had to be driven in from Plantersville, said to a reporter:

“Don’t forget my Joe L. He’s looking down from above today. He loved Gary, and he always knew this day was coming for him.”

She and her future hubby both grew up about 15 minutes from Reliant Stadium so their love for Houston was something for them. Having been recruited to St. Pius out of Christ the King Middle School because of his athletic skills, Kubiak met Rhonda freshman year after they found themselves seated next to each other in class. They were in the 9th grade, where Gary was the school’s quarterback and Rhonda was a cheerleader. Kubiak asked her to the homecoming dance and soon the quarterback and the cheerleader were inseparable, at least when he wasn’t practicing one sport or another. They’ve had that fairy tale kind of thing, being together ever since they met, save for that one week during college at A&M when Rhonda said she broke up with Gary

“for spending too much time at the Dixie Chicken,” a legendary College Station hangout.

They were married in June 1983, less than three weeks before he left for Broncos training camp. And are proud parents of three young men. Rhonda  and hubby were living in Denver when their sons were born, but as each delivery date approached, Rhonda flew home to Houston for the big day.


Rhonda truly has what you would call a football family, all of her boys have followed in their father’s footsteps and are playing or coaching football. They are Klint, Klay, and Klein.

Klint was born Feb. 17, 1987 and will serve as quality-control coach at Texas A&M after he led Colorado State in tackles as a sophomore, but his junior season ended in September, when he was hospitalized because of a bleeding ulcer while the Rams were playing at the University of Houston.

From 2005-2009 Klay who was born on Oct. 10, 1988 was a quarterback at Colorado State and last but not least; Klein born July 1, 1991 is a senior wide receiver at Rice.

Her husband, coach Kubiak recognizes the job his wife has done and is certainly a proud father, saying

My wife’s done a tremendous job with them, but one great thing for myself from a coaching standpoint is my kids have always been able to be a part of what I was doing.”

Rhonda has been always involved in her duties as a coach’s wife, she often participates in several events like the big food drive the Texans ladies host every year.


rhonda kubiak


Rhonda along with Gary are also corporate chairs for Seeds of Hope, an organization dedicated to assisting economically challenged children attend Catholic schools.

It is a hard time for this wonderful and tight family though, over the weekend we learned coach Kubiak collapsed leaving the field at halftime of the Texans’ game Sunday night against Indianapolis and was taken by ambulance to a hospital. As the 52-year-old coach headed back to the locker room with his side leading at the half-time break, he collapsed forward by the 20-yard line at Reliant Stadium. He hunched over and dropped to his knees and was carried off the field on a stretcher.

At first it was believed he suffered a heart attack but later it was said this was not the case. We know now, he is at a local hospital and with him is his wife Rhonda and sons.

On January 19, 2015  The Denver Broncos announced they signed coach Kubiak as Denver’s new head coach on a four year-deal.

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