Gunner Olszewski Mother Collete Olszewski

Gunner Olszewski

Meet Mrs. Collete Olszewski; she is the beautiful and wonderful mother of NFL player Gunner Olszewski, the run specialist and wide receiver currently playing for the New England Patriots. Gunner previously played college football for the Beaver at Bemidji State …

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Placekicker Nick Folk’s Wife Julianne Folk

Julianne Folk

Julianne Folk Meet pretty Julianne Folk! Wife of NFL  player Nick Folk, the veteran placekicker currently playing for the New England Patriots. Prior to joining the Patriots in October 2019, Nick played for the Alliance of American Football’s team the …

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Cole Kmet’s Girlfriend Emily Jarosz

Emily Jarosz

Emily Jarosz Have you seen Emily Jarosz? This pretty lady is the beautiful girlfriend of  NFL player Cole Kmet, the 6’5″ tight end for the Chicago Bears who also played college football at Notre Dame. Prior to being selected by …

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Chase Winovich’s Mother Nina Winovich

Nina Winovich

Nina Winovich Meet proud momma Nina Winovich; mother of NFL player Chase Winovich, the 6’3″ defensive end for the New England Patriots, who previously played college football at the University of Michigan and Thomas Jefferson High School prior to that. …

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Meet Gunner Olszewski’s Girlfriend Emery Paul

Emery Paul

Emery Paul Lovely Emery Paul is one stunning NFL Wag! she is the girlfriend of NFL player Gunner Olszewski, the rookie 6’0′” wide receiver for the New England Patriots, who slowly but surely is earning his sports in the Patriots …

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Sloan Young NFL Jacoby Brissett’s Girlfriend

Sloan Young

Sloan Young Sloan Young is the and incredible girlfriend of football player Jacoby Brissett, the NFL quarterback with the Indianapolis Colts. Prior to joining the NFL, he played college football at North Carolina and Florida. In the view that he …

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Meet Brandon Bolden’s Wife Arianna Bolden

Arianna Bolden

Arianna Bolden Meet the lovely Arianna Bolden, formerly known as Arianna King. She is the loving, caring and beautiful wife of NFL player Brandon Bolden, the running back for the New England Patriots. Bolden became a married man in 2014, …

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Meet John Simon’s Wife Brittany Simon

Brittany Simon

Brittany Simon  Meet Brittany Simon formerly known as Brittany Ruse; she is the loving and beautiful wife of NFL player John Simon. Her husband is a linebacker with the New England Patriots; he also played with the Houston Texans and …

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Phillip Dorsett’s pretty girlfriend Moriah Beaty

Moriah Beaty

Moriah Beaty Meet the lovely Moriah Beaty; she is the pretty girlfriend of NFL player Phillip Dorsett the talented 5’10” wide receiver for the New England Patriots. Prior to signing with the Patriots in 2017, Dorsett played for the Indianapolis Colts, …

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Tori Williams NFL Elandon Roberts’ Girlfriend

Tori Williams

Tori Williams Meet the beautiful girlfriend of Elandon Roberts, the linebacker for the New England Patriots. Her name is Torri Williams, and this Georgia native is quite a stunner!! Her stud was drafted by the Patriots in 2016 before that …

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Morgan Hart NFL Dont’a Hightower’s Girlfriend

Morgan Hart

Morgan Hart Meet Ms. Morgan Hart. This Fab NFL wag is the lovely girlfriend of Dont’a Hightower  the NFL Linebacker with the New England Patriots. Want to know more about Dont’a girl Morgan? Dont’a Hightower, a graduate of Marshall County …

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Obi Melifonwu’s Girlfriend Alyssa Okada

Alyssa Okada

Alyssa Okada This formidable woman is Alyssa Okada; the lucky guy dating this beauty is New England Patriots safety Obi Melifonwu. The British/ American athlete who played for the Oakland Raisers prior to signing with the Pats on November 5, 2015, …

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Ted Karras’ Wife Rachel Karras

Rachel Karras

Rachel Karras Have you met Rachel Karras? This drop-dead-gorgeous gal is the wife of NFL player Ted Karras; the 6’6″ center for the New England Patriots. Karras starred at Cathedral High and the University of Illinois prior to entering the draft …

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Jennifer Develin NFL James Develin’s Wife

Jennifer Develin

Jennifer Develin Jennifer Develin is the pretty wife of NFL player James Develin the fullback player for the New Orleans Saints who also used to play as a defensive end at Brown University prior to the NFL. Develin was born …

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