Evan Engram Mother Michelle Zelina

Michelle Zelina

Michelle Zelina Meet Mrs. Michelle Zelina, the beautiful and proud mother of NFL player Evan Engram. Her son is a tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also played for the New York Giant and college football at Ole Miss …

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Daniel Jones Mother Becca Jones

Becca Jones

Becca Jones Meet the lovely Mrs. Becca Jones; she is t amazing and beautiful mother of NFL player Daniel Jones, the rookie for the New York Giants, who played college football at Duke University prior to entering the 2019 NFL …

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Kyle Bosworth’s Wife Kara Keough

Kara keough

Kara Keough This lovely lady is Kara Keough aka Kara Keough  Bosworth; she is the wife of former New York Giants outside linebacker Kyle  Bosworth. Kara one of the children of former MLB player Matt Keough appeared in The Real …

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Alec Ogletree’s Wife Alexandra Adams Ogletree

Alexandra Adams Ogletree

Alexandra Adams Ogletree Meet the lovely Alexandra Adams also known as Alexandra Ogletree; she is the pretty wife of NFL player Alec Ogletree. Her husband was the 6’2″ linebacker for the New York Giants; he started his NFL career with …

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Leonard Williams’ Girlfriend Natalia LaLonde?

Natalia LaLonde

Natalia LaLonde Natalia LaLonde is one drop-dead gorgeous girl; this pretty model may or may not be the girlfriend of NFL player Leonard Williams, the 6’5″ defensive end for the New York Giants. He previously played for the New York …

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Antoine Bethea’s Wife Samantha Romantini

Samantha Romantini

Samantha Romantini This stunning gal is Samantha Romantini, aka Samantha Bethea; she is the lovely wife of NFL player Antoine Bethea, the 5’11” safety for the New York Giants, who previously played for the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and …

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Meet Grant Haley’s Girlfriend Emily Bruggemeier

Emily Bruggemeier

Emily Bruggemeier Meet pretty Emily Bruggemeier! She is the gorgeous girlfriend of NFL player Grant Haley; her stud is the 5’10” cornerback for the New York Giants. Prior to the NFL, Grant played college football for the Nittany Lions at …

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Steve Tisch’s Girlfriend Katia Francesconi

Katia Francesconi

Katia Francesconi This young gal is Katia Francesconi; she is the young girlfriend of film producer and the NY Giants’ co-owner Steve Tisch. Mr. Tisch whose net-worth has been estimated at $1.1 billion is the son of the late  Bob Tish, …

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Kevin Zeitler’s Wife Sara Zeitler

Sara Zeitler

Sara Zeitler This pretty lady is Sara Zeitler; her husband is the 6’4″ guard for the New York Giants, he previously played for the Giants and the Cincinnati Bengals. Zeitler played college football at the University of Wisconsin-Madison prior to entering the Draft where the …

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Kyle Lauletta’s mother Kim Lauletta

Kim Lauletta

Kim Lauletta Meet Kim Lauletta; she is the beautiful and amazing mother of NFL player Kyle Lauletta, the quarterback for the New York Giants, who played college football for the Richmond Spiders at the University of Richmond, prior to getting drafted by …

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Meet Pat Shurmur’s Wife Jennifer Shurmur

Jennifer Shurmur

Jennifer Shurmur Jennifer Shurmur is the lovely and supportive wife of NFL coach, Pat Shurmur; her husband is the new head coach for the New York Giants. Prior to that, he was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. Keep …

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Joanne Gettleman NFL GM Dave Gettleman’s Wife

Joanne Gettleman

Joanne Gettleman Meet Joanne Gettleman; the wife of Dave Gettleman, the NFL Executive who is currently the General manager for the New York Giants. Prior to joining NY in 2017, he was the GM for the Carolina Panthers. Joanne Gettleman’s …

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Russell Shepard’s Wife Marian Shepard

Marian Shepard

Marian Shepard Meet the beautiful Mrs. Marian Sheapard; she is the gorgeous wife of NFL player Russell Shepard, the 6’0″ wide receiver for the New York Giants. He previously played for the Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Eagles. …

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Jonathan Stewart’s wife Natalie Hills

Natalie Hills

Natalie Hills Natalie Hills or Natalie Stewart is the lovely and gorgeous wife of Jonathan Stewart the NFL running back with the New York Giants. Jonathan also played with the Carolina Panthers, prior to signing with the Giants ion March …

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Michael Strahan’s New Girlfriend Kayla Quick

Michael Straham new girlfriend Kayla Quick

Kayla Quick Meet Kayla Quick; she is the new young and beautiful girlfriend of former NFL player Michael  Strahan. The former defensive end for the Giants, Hall of Fame inductee, actor, book author and television host. Strahan a father of …

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Jared Lorenzen’s Ex-Wife Tamara Lorenzen

Tamara Lorenzen

Tamara Lorenzen Check out Tamara Lorenzen; she is the ex-wife of former NFL player Jared Lorenzen. Known as Hefty Lefty, Lorenzen played most of his career with the New York Giants; the team with whom he won the Super Bowl …

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Elaina Watley NY Giants Victor Cruz’s Girlfriend

Elaina Watley Elaina Watley is the longtime girlfriend of NFL player Victor Cruz, who is the wide receiver for the New York Giants. This young couple Elaina Watley and Victor Cruz have been together for over a decade and have a beautiful young …

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Who are Victor Cruz’ Group of Mistresses?

Victor Cruz' Group of Mistresses

So the word is out there, Victor Cruz has a number of women to his disposition –besides his fiancée, Elaina Watley! Recent reports say the 28-year-old NFL player confirmed to one of his women his girlfriend sent a a group …

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