Meet Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck

Samantha Bracksieck

Samantha Bracksieck Meet lovely Samantha Bracksieck! She is the current girlfriend of MLB player Aaron Judge, the talented and handsome outfielder for the New York Yankees. Over the years, we have met other girlfriends Aaron Judge has had,  Sterling Olmstead, …

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Meet Masahiro Tanaka’s Wife Mai Satoda

Mai Satoda

Mai Satoda This lovely and talented lady is Mai Satoda; she is a  famous Japanese pop singer, model, but first and foremost, Mai is the gorgeous wife of Japanese MLB player Masahiro Tanaka, the pitcher for the New York Yankees. Now …

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Meet DJ LeMahieu ‘s Wife Jordan LeMahieu

Jordan LeMahieu

Jordan LeMahieu This pretty lady is Jordan LeMahieu; wife of MLB player DJ LeMahieu, the talented 6’4″ second baseman for the New York Yankees, who previously played for the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs. Jordan’s stud also played college …

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Mike Tauchman’s Pretty Wife Eileen Tauchman

Eileen Tauchman

Eileen Tauchman Have you met Eileen Tauchman? She is the pretty wife of MLB player Mike Tauchman, the outfielder for the New York Yankees, who previously played for the Colorado Rockies. Tauchman, a Palatine, Illinois native played college baseball at …

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Meet J.A. Happ’s Wife Morgan Happ

Morgan Happ

Morgan Happ Meet the lovely Morgan Happ also known as Morgan Cawley; this stunning young lady is the beautiful wife of MLB plater J.A. Happ, the pitcher for the New York Yankees, who also played for the Toronto Blue Jays …

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Stephen Tarpley’s Girlfriend Sarah Gomez

Sarah Gomez

Sarah Gomez This lovely young lady is Sarah Gomez; she is the pretty girlfriend of MLB player Stephen Tarpley, the young pitcher for the New York Yankees who is already making a splash. Tarpley the son of Stephen and Adrienne …

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Meet Luke Voit’s Girlfriend Tori Rigman

Tori Rigman

Tori Rigman Meet Tori Rigman; she is the gorgeous girlfriend and soon-to-be wife of MLB player Luke Voit, the talented first baseman for the New York Yankees. Prior to joining the Yankees in July 2018, Voit played for the St. …

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Austin Romine’s Wife Alexzandria Romine


Alexzandria Romine Meet Alexzandria Romine; she is the gorgeous wife of MLB player Austin Romine, the catcher for the New York Yankees. Austin who some people might also describe as a  baseball catcher/ boxer played baseball at El Toro High School prior to …

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Meet Gary Sanchez’ wife Sahaira Sanchez

Sahaira Sánchez

Sahaira Sanchez Sahaira Sanchez is the lovely MLB wag of Dominican catcher, Gary Sanchez, the 2017 Silver Slugger award recipient initially signed with the Yankees as an international free agent in 2009. Prior to making his MLB debut on October 3, …

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Gleyber Torres’ Wife Elizabeth Torres

Elizabeth Torres

Elizabeth Torres Meet the lovely Elizabeth Torres; she is the young and gorgeous wife of Gleyber Torres, the Venezuelan second baseman for the New York Yankees. Prior to joining the Yankees, Gleyber played for the Rookie-level Arizona League team the Arizona Bears. Torres …

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Tyler Austin’s Girlfriend Stephanie Dana

Stephanie Dana

Stephanie Dana Meet Stephanie Dana; she is the drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend of Major League Baseball player Tyler Austin, the outfielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees. No doubt you all know Tyler’s story, therefore check out these interesting …

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Mary Cashman Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s Wife

Mary Bresnan

Mary Bresnan Meet Mary Cashman now Mary Bresnan; she is the ex-wife of Brian Cashman the Yankees General Manager, once involved in a nasty legal battle with his stalker Louise Meanwell, the case brought to light Cashman’s affair with Kimberly …

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Hal Steinbrenner’s Wife Christina Steinbrenner

christina steinbrenner

Christina Steinbrenner Check out Christina Steinbrenner, formerly known as Christina DiTullio; she is the beautiful and sophisticated wife of Mr. Hal Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees. As a matter of fact, he co-owns the team alongside big brother Hank, after they …

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Randy Levine’s wife Mindy Franklin

Mindy Franklin

Mindy Franklin Have you met Mindy Franklin? She is the lovely and gorgeous wife of Randy Levine, president of operations for the New York Yankees. Mindy’s hubby Brooklyn native and a graduate of Hofstra University, left the MLB momentarily in  1997, …

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Matt Holliday’s Wife Leslee Holliday

Leslee Holliday

Leslee Holliday Meet Leslee Holliday; she is the stunning wife of MLB player Matt Holliday, the designated hitter for the New York Yankees, who also played for the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletica and the Colorado Rockies, prior to joining the …

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Didi Gregorius’ Girlfriend Judy Henriques

Judy Henriques

Judy Henriques Have you Yankees fans met Judy Henriques? She is the beautiful girlfriend of Didi Gregorius, the Dutch shortstop player Didi Gregorius. The son of Sheritsa Stroop and Johannes Gregorious, started his career in Netherlands and subsequently in Curacao. Didi, and his …

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