Meet Unai Emery’s Wife Luisa Fernandez

Luisa Fernandez

Luisa Fernandez Meet Luisa Fernandez aka Luisa Emery; she is the beautiful and caring wife of Unai Emery, the soccer coach for the English Club, Arsenal; he previously coached Sevilla. Unai a retired soccer player who started his career with …

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Meet Dejan Lovren’s Pretty Wife Anita Lovren

Anita Lovren

Anita Lovren Have you met Anita Lovren? She is the pretty wife of Dejan Lovren, Croatian center back player who plays for the Croatian National Team and Premier League team, Liverpool. Mrs. Lovren’s husband was born in Zenica, Yugoslavia to Croatian …

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Meet Alex Morgan’s Husband Servando Carrasco

Servando Carrasco

Servando Carrasco Servando Carrasco is the Mexican/ American MLS Soccer player with L.A Galaxy, who happens to be the loving husband of Female soccer player Alex Morgan, the forward player for the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer …

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Wojciech Szczesny’s Wife Marina Łuczenko-Szczesna

Wojciech Szczesny wife MaRina Łuczenko Szczęsna

Marina Łuczenko-Szczesna Marina Luczenko, now Marina Marina Łuczenko-Szczesna; she is the exquisite wife of Polish soccer player Wojciech Szczesny, the goalkeeper for Poland National Team and Italian soccer team Juventus. Wojciech Szczesny and Marina dated for a couple of years …

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Bobby Wood’s Wife Ditte Wood

Bobby wood

Ditte Wood This lovely young gal is 14, formerly known as Ditte Bonde Harup; she is the beautiful wife of the young soccer player Bobby Wood the Hawaiian- Japanese striker for the German soccer team Hannover 96 and the USA …

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Harry Kane’s girlfriend Kate Goodland

Katie Goodland

Kate Goodland Harry Kane is the English soccer player currently a forward player with Tottenham Hotspur, he is also the lucky guy dating the utterly Kate Goodland aka Kate Gooders or Katie Goodland. Would you like to meet her? Surely …

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Uruguay Diego Godin’s Girlfriend Sofia Herrera

Diego Godin’s girlfriend Sofia Herrera and rest of the Uruguayan fans couldn’t feel more proud of their dear Diego who score the winning goal that send their National team to the second phase at the FIFA world Cup. #uruguay #soccerwags #diegogodin #sofiaherrera #uruguaywags @fabwags

Sofia Herrera This pretty lady is Sofia Herrera; she is the lovely girlfriend of Uruguayan soccer player Diego Godin. Her beau is first and foremost one talented athlete; Diego is a center back for Spanish Club Atletico Madrid and the Uruguay …

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Kevin De Bruyne’s Wife Michèle Lacroix

Michèle Lacroix

Michèle Lacroix This stunning young lady is Michele Lacroix; the pretty wife of Belgian soccer player, Kevin De Bruyne. Her boyfriend currently plays for Manchester City and the Belgium National team, he previously played for the Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg, Werder Bremen, …

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Alex Sandro’s Wife Natalia Regina

Natalia Regina

Natalia Regina Have you met Natalia Regina? She is the stunning wife of Brazilian soccer player Alex Sandro, who is the left back for Italian team Juventus. In addition to playing wit the Seria A team whose stadium is located in …

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Yannick Carrasco’s Girlfriend Noémie Happart

Noemie Happart

Noémie Happart Noémie Happart is the hot girlfriend of Belgian soccer player Yannick Carrasco; the winger player currently playing for Atletico Madrid and the Belgium National Soccer Team. Carrasco’s lady Noemie is no stranger to stardom herself; after all, she …

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Luis Suarez’ Wife Sofia Balbi

Sofia Balbi

Sofia Balbi Uruguay’s National Soccer team has the great Luis Suarez on their squad; Luis is also a player with FC Barcelona, but what we are interested in his lovely wife  Sofia Balbi mother of their two beautiful children. Luis …

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Victor Lindelof’s Girlfriend Maja Nilsson

Maja Nilsson

Maja Nilsson Meet Maja Nilsson; she is the stunning girlfriend of Swedish soccer player Victor Lindelof. He is the new center back player for Manchester United.  Prior to signing with Manchester, Victor played with Benfica and Vasteras SK. 6’2” Lindelof …

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Antonella Roccuzzo Lionel Messi’s Wife

Antonella Rocuzzo iѕ оnе оf thе hottest Sports WAG in thе World, аftеr аll ѕhе iѕ dating Lionel Messi thе Argentinean striker with Barcelona F.C. Rocuzzo whо iѕ nоw engaged tо Messi recently gave birth tо thеir firѕt child tоgеthеr Thiago, Check thе rest оf thiѕ story tо knоw аll уоu nееd tо knоwn аbоut thiѕ sexy vixen. #lionelmessi @fabwags #antonellaroccuzzo #soccerwags #fifaworldcupwags #barcelonawags #argentinasoccerwags #bacawags

Meet Antonella Rocuzzo Antonella Rocuzzo iѕ оnе оf thе hottest Sports WAGs in thе World; аftеr аll ѕhе iѕ the wife of Lionel Messi thе Argentinean striker with Barcelona F.C. who despite what Real Madrid fans have to say about, …

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Carola Pucci Manuel Pellegrini’s Wife

Carola Pucci

Carola Pucci Carola Pucci is the wife of soccer manager Manuel Pellegrini;  the former Chilean soccer player, whо iѕ thе manager оf Premier League ѕ team West Ham United. Aѕ a coach, hе hаѕ managed teams mоѕtlу in Spain, Argentina, …

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Bernardo Silva’s Girlfriend Alicia Verrando

Alicia Verrando

Alicia Verrando Meet Alicia Verrando; this stunning Wag is the lovely girlfriend of Portuguese soccer player Bernardo Silva. Her beau is a midfielder for Manchester City. In addition to playing for the Ligue 1 Club, Silva represents Portugal with Portugal …

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