Theodora Holmes Polamanu – NFL Player Troy Polamalu’s Wife

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27-year-old Theodora Holmes was born in California of parents Mike Holmes, a well known football player from the University of Michigan, and Katina Holmes, of Greek descent. She and Troy met while they were both studying at USC. They were introduced to each other by Theodora’s brother Alex, also a football player with the St. Louis Rams. They dated and then Troy was drafted to Pittsburgh and in 2003 Theodora moved there also. They became engaged in 2004 and were married in 2005.

Their marriage took place in the Greek Orthodox religion, as Theodora and her family were brought up as such. Troy became a very devout Greek Orthodox and both believe that their faith is one of the things that has made their marriage so strong. They have two sons, Paisios, born on October 31, 2008 and Ephraim, born September 16, 2010. They reside in Pittsburgh during football season, and in San Diego, California during the off season.

Once when asked the question who was his celebrity crush, Troy responded, “My wife, Theodora Polamanu.”  That is a man in love! The couple also devote much time to different charities like FOCUS North America which help the needed and The Harry Panos Fund in honor of Theodora’s grandfather who was a WWII veteran. In fact, in November, on Veteran’s Day, Troy will be cutting his famous locks for the VFW. Fans are worried that he may cut off too much, but he says it will be a “ceremonial cut”.

Troy once spent $10,000.00 dollars on a phone call to his wife. Here’s what happened: During a game against the Jaguars, he took a big hit, and had to leave the field. He was handed a phone by team doctor and he called his wife to let her know he was ok. Of course, phones are now prohibited on the field during games so he was slapped with a $10,000.00 fine. I’m sure Troy considered it money well spent. Between his salary and shampoo commercials, money is one thing Troy has plenty of.

But on March 10, 2015, Troy decided it was time to say goodbye to football, Polamalu played his entire 12-year career with the Steelers announced it was time to retire.

“Maybe it was a sign for me to retire when I chase my kids around and couldn’t catch them,” Polamalu told the newspaper. “It was either a sign for me to retire or a sign for them to begin training.”

This is one loving couple who seem to have the right formula for keeping their marriage on the right track.